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Movie One Fine Day
Title One Fine Day
Year 1996
Director Michael Hoffman
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Plot – Melanie, a New York architect focused on her career, has to present a few important projects. Jack is a reporter who is trying to expose the corruption of the city administration. They have a common problem: they are separated and have children to look after; she has a son and he has a daughter. The morning of the children's school trip, the parents arrive at the school when the bus has already left. Melanie and Jack find themselves having to face a day full of important commitments and not knowing who to leave the children with. Faced with this emergency, the two strangers try to make the best of a bad lot, throw pungent jokes at each other, move from one taxi to another, chase each other on the phone, have parents and friends involved, make arrangements to look after the kids at different hours, lose the kids, find the kids and let the accusations fly.
All actors – Michelle Pfeiffer, George Clooney, Mae Whitman, Alex D. Linz, Charles Durning, Jon Robin Baitz, Ellen Greene, Joe Grifasi, Pete Hamill, Anna Maria Horsford, Gregory Jbara, Sheila Kelley, Barry Kivel, Robert Klein, George Martin, Michael Massee, Amanda Peet, Holland Taylor, Rachel York, Marianne Muellerleile, Steven Jang, Samantha Cintrón, Victor Truro, Ashley Greenfield, Sidney Armus, Hal Panchansky, Maggie Wagner, Isabelle Ashland, Jasmin Hartmann, Larry Sherman, Shaun Duke, Thomas Schall, Michael Badalucco, Jeanie Van Dam, Kirstin Allen, Michael Genet, Julia Ryder Perce, P.J. Aliseo, Liam Ahern, José Rabelo, Darla Hill, Joe Avellar, Jullie Chung, Dale Kasman, Andrew Magarian, Katherine Argo, Rob Kelly-Buntzen, Brian Cahill, Fred Goehner, Kuniko Narai, , Bitty Schram, Suzan Anbeh, Akiko Ashley, Carl Burrows, Hélène Cardona, Deborah Cresswell, Christopher Del Gaudio, Kurt Gerard, Gideon Jacobs, Harry Lavin, Adrian Lee, Chelsea O'Toole, Philip Petrie, Timothy Scott Ralston, Antonio Robles
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