“Strange Cargo” quotes

Movie Strange Cargo
Title Strange Cargo
Year 1940
Director Frank Borzage
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – A group of inmates tries to escape from the terrible prison on Devil's Island. Led by André Verne, the criminals manage to escape and to penetrate into the jungle. Among them is an enigmatic man whom nobody knows anything about but who soon becomes the true soul of the group, making inroads in their minds with his words. Verne also tries to take Julie away with them from the island; she is a waitress at a nightclub and wants to build a new life. After days spent in the thick forest, the few survivors of the group manage to get hold of a boat and take off. When they arrive at a port, they are separated but Verne and Julie remain united. They decide to start a new life together. A police informant who is in love with Julie, however, discovers them and reports them to the police, making Verne return to the penitentiary. Julie, affected by the last words spoken by their mysterious escape companion, persuades Verne to return to prison and serve his sentence: she will wait for him.
All actors – Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, Ian Hunter, Peter Lorre, Paul Lukas, Albert Dekker, J. Edward Bromberg, Eduardo Ciannelli, John Arledge, Frederick Worlock, Bernard Nedell, Victor Varconi
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