“The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland” quotes

Movie The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland
Title The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland
Year 1987
Director Raymond Jafelice
Genre Comedy, Family, Animation
All actors – Bob Dermer, Eva Almos, Dan Hennessey, Jim Henshaw, Marla Lukofsky, Luba Goy, Keith Knight, Tracey Moore, Colin Fox, John Stocker, Don McManus, Elizabeth Hanna
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  • “- Tenderheart Bear: You look beautiful, Alice!
    - Lots-A-Heart Elephant: And that's the truth.
    - Alice: I know you're just saying that, but thanks.”

    Jim Henshaw - Tenderheart Bear
    Luba Goy - Lots-A-Heart Elephant
    Tracey Moore - Alice
    [Tag:beauty, sincerity]
  • “- White Rabbit: You saved Wonderland, Alice. I thought it was you that made the garden bloom.
    - Alice: Oh, I could never do that. Only someone special could make flowers bloom.
    - Princess: Do you want to know a secret, Alice? You are as special as you think you are.”

    Keith Knight - The White Rabbit
    Tracey Moore - Alice
    Alyson Court - Princess
  • “- White Rabbit: Now that the Wizard knows that we're coming, he'll stop at nothing to stop us from stopping him from becoming king!
    - Grumpy Bear: In other words?
    - White Rabbit: Alice is in deep trouble!”

    Keith Knight - The White Rabbit
    Bob Dermer - Grumpy Bear
    [Tag:trouble, words]
  • “- Brave Heart Lion: I have a feeling the Jabberwalkie is some kind of giant.
    - Grumpy Bear: And what makes you say that?
    - Brave Heart Lion: I sometimes get these hunches.”

    Dan Hennessey - Brave Heart Lion
    Bob Dermer - Grumpy Bear
  • “- Grumpy Bear: This place is beautiful.
    - Swift Heart Rabbit: This place is wonderful.
    - White Rabbit: This place is Wonderland.”

    Bob Dermer - Grumpy Bear
    Eva Almos - Swift Heart Rabbit
    Keith Knight - The White Rabbit
    [Tag:beauty, place, wonder]
  • “- Swift Heart Rabbit: You must be the Mad Hatter.
    - Mad Hatter: Why do I always have to be the Mad Hatter? Why can't you be the Mad Hatter for once? Oh, alright, I'll be the Mad Hatter again! You like hats? I'm mad about hats!”

    Eva Almos - Swift Heart Rabbit
    Keith Hampshire - The Mad Hatter
  • “- Tenderheart Bear: You're doing great, Alice!
    - Alice: Thanks to my friendly flamingo.
    - Flamingo: I just happen to be the best in the business.”

    Jim Henshaw - Tenderheart Bear
    Tracey Moore - Alice
    Alan Fawcett - Flamingo
  • “- Grumpy Bear: Who are you, and what do you want?
    - White Rabbit: I'm late! I'm late! I'm late!
    - Grumpy Bear: Come back here, Mr. Late!”

    Bob Dermer - Grumpy Bear
    Keith Knight - The White Rabbit
    [Tag:delay, name]