“The Quiet Earth” quotes

Movie The Quiet Earth
Title The Quiet Earth
Year 1985
Director Geoff Murphy
Genre Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery
All actors – Bruno Lawrence, Alison Routledge, Pete Smith, Anzac Wallace, Norman Fletcher, Tom Hyde
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  • “Something's changed. Can't quite measure it, but I can feel it. It's as though... we've been shifted sideways. The north pole is still up north, but the water keeps going down the black hole the wrong way. I get the feeling... we're either dead... or in a different universe.”
    Bruno Lawrence - Zac Hobson
  • “If you don't come out I'll shoot the kid!”

    Bruno Lawrence - Zac Hobson
  • Zac Hobson, July 5th. One: there has been a malfunction in "Project Flashlight" with devastating results. Two: it seems I am the only person left on Earth.

    Bruno Lawrence - Zac Hobson
  • “I've been condemned to live.”
    Bruno Lawrence - Zac Hobson
  • “- Zac Hobson: Do you know you're beautiful?
    - Joanne: Hey, are you calling me stupid?”

    Bruno Lawrence - Zac Hobson
    Alison Routledge - Joanne
  • “I think peoples' faces are like plasticine malleablise, and not rigid, like bone, as doctors would have us believe. And the shape of the face is determined unconsciously by the brain. So if your brain has a low capacity, you would be both ugly and stupid. But if you've got a reasonably good brain, then it's up to you how to decide to use its...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Alison Routledge - Joanne
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  • “God blinked, and the whole world disappeared.”
    Alison Routledge - Joanne