“The Day After” quotes

Movie The Day After
Title The Day After
Year 1983
Director Nicholas Meyer
Genre Drama, Sci-Fi
Plot – The movie illustrates nuclear war's consequences. In the first part of the film, in Lawrence citizens live their everyday life, until televisions transmit increasingly alarming news. The balance between great nations is come to a breaking point. People start to rush, the panic hits the men in the streets. USSR and America give the orders to kill population and nuclear missiles are launched from underground. Terrifying roars fill the screen. People remain initially paralyzed, then everyone disappears in a second, dissolved into ash. All around is destruction and ruin. The second part of the movie shows what will happen in Lawrence and in the rest of the world if a nuclear war would really start out. There would be a return of a "nuclear" Middle Ages, dead living processions, lootings, plague victims, murderers on the loose.
All actors – Jason Robards, JoBeth Williams, Steve Guttenberg, John Cullum, John Lithgow, Bibi Besch, Lori Lethin, Amy Madigan, Jeff East, Georgann Johnson, William Allen Young, Calvin Jung, Lin McCarthy, Dennis Lipscomb, Clayton Day, Doug Scott, Ellen Anthony, Kyle Aletter, Alston Ahern, William Allyn, Antonie Becker, Pamela Brown, Jonathan Estrin, Stephen Furst, Arliss Howard, Rosanna Huffman, Barbara Harris, Madison Mason, Bob Meister, Vahan Moosekian, George Petrie, Glenn Robards, Tom Spratley, Stan Wilson, Harry Bugin, Wayne Knight, Alex Van, Arthur Ashe, Desiree Boschetti, Darrell Everson, Herk Harvey, Eugene Jackson, David Kaufman, George Kuhn, John Lafayette, Randy Lowell, Terry M. Moore, Luci-Lynn Norris, Charles Oldfather, C. Wayne Owens, David Rodwell, Charles Whitman, David Yonally
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  • “- Joe Huxley: We are holding fast at just a hair under 50 rads per hour. I thought that it would have diminished by now. I guess that means we're picking up fallout from... Titan missile bases in Wichita... wherever else out west. That's the way the wind blows - straight toward St. Louis.
    - Dr. Russell Oakes: When will it be safe to move people...” (continue)
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    John Lithgow - Joe Huxley
    Jason Robards - Dr. Russell Oakes
    [Tag:danger, safety, war]
  • “- Dr. Russell Oakes: You know what's going to happen next around here, don't you?
    - Nurse Nancy Bauer: I've been trying not to think about it.
    - Dr. Russell Oakes: We may be the only hospital operating within 100 miles. Everyone half-alive or dying will find their way here.”

    Jason Robards - Dr. Russell Oakes
    JoBeth Williams - Nurse Nancy Bauer
  • - Helen Oakes: My God. It's 1962 all over again. The Cuban Missile Crisis. Do you remember Kennedy on television, telling Khrushchev to turn his boats around?
    - Dr. Russell Oakes: "Full retaliatory response". He didn't bat an eye.
    - Helen Oakes: We were in New York, in bed... just like this, remember? 118th street.
    - Dr. Russell Oakes: Meatball... (continue)
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    Georgann Johnson - Helen Oakes
    Jason Robards - Dr. Russell Oakes
    [Tag:past, remembrance, war]
  • “- Denise Dahlberg: I've been out riding around with Bruce.
    - Jim Dahlberg: All night?
    - Denise Dahlberg: Frankly, Daddy, that's none of your business.
    - Jim Dahlberg: As long as you live...
    - Denise Dahlberg: Oh Daddy, don't start this again, I'm getting married tomorrow.”

    Lori Lethin - Denise Dahlberg
    John Cullum - Jim Dahlberg
  • What do you think is going to happen out there? You think we're going to sweep up the dead and fill in a couple of holes and build some supermarkets? You think all those people left alive out there are going to say, "Oh, I'm sorry. It wasn't my fault. Let's kiss and make up"? We knew the score. We knew all about bombs, we knew all about fallout.... (continue)(continue reading)
    Amy Madigan - Alison Ransom
  • “- Dr. Sam Hachiya: You come from Kansas City. What did you see?
    - Dr. Russell Oakes: I was on the freeway, about 30 miles away. I'm not sure... it was high in the air, directly above downtown. Like the sun... exploding.”

    Calvin Jung - Dr. Sam Hachiya
    Jason Robards - Dr. Russell Oakes
    [Tag:experience, war]
  • “- Denise Dahlberg: They give me this ribbon to wear... but I haven't got any damn hair to put it into.
    - Stephen Klein: You look great.”

    Lori Lethin - Denise Dahlberg
    Steve Guttenberg - Stephen Klein
  • - Vinnie Conrad: The thing that bothers me is that damn "launch-on-warning".
    - Bruce Gallatin: What's that?
    - Vinnie Conrad: That's when one side tells the other that they're gonna fire their missiles as soon as they think the other guy's missiles are already on their way.
    - Joe Huxley: You know. Use 'em or lose 'em.

    Stan Wilson - Vinnie Conrad
    Jeff East - Bruce Gallatin
    John Lithgow - Joe Huxley
    [Tag:strategy, war]
  • “You can't see it... you can't feel it... and you can't taste it. But it's here, right now, all around us! It's goin' through you like an X-ray! Right into your cells! What do you think killed all these animals?”

    Steve Guttenberg - Stephen Klein
  • “When a large nuclear device is airburst at high altitude, a lot of electrical disruption can be created, principally with radios, communication systems, electrical wires, computers, cars, transistors. Of course, it's all theoretical. It's never happened before. In short, very little electricity.”
    Lin McCarthy - Dr. Austin
  • “The catastrophic events you have just witnessed are, in all likelihood, less severe than the destruction that would actually occur in the event of a full nuclear strike against the United States. It is hoped that the images of this film will inspire the nations of this earth, their peoples and leaders, to find the means to avert the fateful day.”

  • “- Stephen Klein: I don't know what happened to Lawrence. I was close to Harrisonville when it started. There must have been five or six of them to the north, and... a whole string of them to the south.
    - Jim Dahlberg: They must have hit every missile silo from Sedalia to Eldorado Springs.”

    Steve Guttenberg - Stephen Klein
    John Cullum - Jim Dahlberg
  • “You know what Einstein said about World War III? He said he didn't know how they were gonna fight World War III, but he knew how they would fight World War IV: with sticks and stones.”
    John Lithgow - Joe Huxley
  • “See these people? That's us, man, if we don't get to Lawrence.”

    William Allen Young - Airman Billy McCoy
    [Tag:danger, death]
  • - Bruce Gallatin: What do you really think the chances are of something like that happening way the hell out here in the middle of nowhere?
    - Joe Huxley: Nowhere? There's no "nowhere" anymore. You're sitting next to the Whiteman Air Force Base right now. That's about... 150 Minuteman missile silos spread halfway down the State of Missouri.... (continue)
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    Jeff East - Bruce Gallatin
    John Lithgow - Joe Huxley
    [Tag:place, risk, war]
  • “- Joe Huxley: Those are Minuteman missiles!
    - Cynthia: Like a test, sort of... like a warning?
    - Joe Huxley: They're on their way to Russia. They take about 30 minutes to reach their target.
    - Aldo: So do theirs, right?”

    John Lithgow - Joe Huxley
    Alston Ahern - Cynthia
    Stephen Furst - Aldo
    [Tag:danger, war, weapons]
  • “There is a rumor they are evacuating Moscow. Yeah. There are even people leaving Kansas City because of the missile fields. Now I ask you: Where does one go from Kansas City? To, uh, the Yukon? To Tahiti? We are not talking about Hiroshima anymore. Hiroshima was... was peanuts!”
    George Petrie - Dr. Landowska
  • - Aldo: You think they're making this up? You think this is "War of the Worlds" or something?
    - Cynthia: Look, did we help the Czechs, the Hungarians, the Afghans or the Poles? Well we're not gonna nuke the Russians to save the Germans! I mean, if you were talking oil in Saudi Arabia, then I'd be really worried.

    Stephen Furst - Aldo
    Alston Ahern - Cynthia
    [Tag:america, helping, war]
  • “- Dr. Russell Oakes: Do you understand what's going on in this world?
    - Dr. Landowska: Yeah. Stupidity. Has a habit of getting its way.”

    Jason Robards - Dr. Russell Oakes
    George Petrie - Dr. Landowska
    [Tag:stupidity, war]
  • “- Dr. Russell Oakes: I can't argue with you.
    - Alison Ransom: Argue with me. Please... give me a reason. Tell me about hope. Tell me why you work so hard in here.
    - Dr. Russell Oakes: I don't know.”

    Jason Robards - Dr. Russell Oakes
    Amy Madigan - Alison Ransom
  • “- Joleen Dahlberg: Rusty. Dad, we left Rusty out.
    - Jim Dahlberg: We may be down here a long time. There's not going to be enough food and water for Rusty.
    - Joleen Dahlberg: You mean he's just going to die out there?”

    Ellen Anthony - Joleen Dahlberg
    John Cullum - Jim Dahlberg
    [Tag:dogs, sacrifice]