“The Day After” quotes

Movie The Day After
Title The Day After
Year 1983
Director Nicholas Meyer
Genre Drama, Sci-Fi
Plot – The movie illustrates nuclear war's consequences. In the first part of the film, in Lawrence citizens live their everyday life, until televisions transmit increasingly alarming news. The balance between great nations is come to a breaking point. People start to rush, the panic hits the men in the streets. USSR and America give the orders to kill population and nuclear missiles are launched from underground. Terrifying roars fill the screen. People remain initially paralyzed, then everyone disappears in a second, dissolved into ash. All around is destruction and ruin. The second part of the movie shows what will happen in Lawrence and in the rest of the world if a nuclear war would really start out. There would be a return of a "nuclear" Middle Ages, dead living processions, lootings, plague victims, murderers on the loose.
All actors – Jason Robards, JoBeth Williams, Steve Guttenberg, John Cullum, John Lithgow, Bibi Besch, Lori Lethin, Amy Madigan, Jeff East, Georgann Johnson, William Allen Young, Calvin Jung, Lin McCarthy, Dennis Lipscomb, Clayton Day, Doug Scott, Ellen Anthony, Kyle Aletter, Alston Ahern, William Allyn, Antonie Becker, Pamela Brown, Jonathan Estrin, Stephen Furst, Arliss Howard, Rosanna Huffman, Barbara Harris, Madison Mason, Bob Meister, Vahan Moosekian, George Petrie, Glenn Robards, Tom Spratley, Stan Wilson, Harry Bugin, Wayne Knight, Alex Van, Arthur Ashe, Desiree Boschetti, Darrell Everson, Herk Harvey, Eugene Jackson, David Kaufman, George Kuhn, John Lafayette, Randy Lowell, Terry M. Moore, Luci-Lynn Norris, Charles Oldfather, C. Wayne Owens, David Rodwell, Charles Whitman, David Yonally
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