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Movie Warlock
Title Warlock
Year 1989
Director Steve Miner
Genre Horror, Thriller, Fantasy, Action
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Plot – The movie concerns a witch hunting throughout ages. A Satanist is captured in 1600, in New England, but he manages to escape his tough hunter and arrives in nowadays American countrysides. He's in fact looking for the missing pages of a black magic book, but his pursuer wants to prevent him to get it.
All actors – Julian Sands, Lori Singer, Richard E. Grant, Mary Woronov, Kevin O'Brien, Richard Kuss, Allan Miller, Anna Levine, David Carpenter, Kay E. Kuter, Ian Abercrombie, Kenneth Danziger
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  • “Tout, Tout, through and about; your callow life in dismay. Rentum, Osculum, Tormentum: a decade twice over a day.”

    Julian Sands - Warlock
  • “- Giles Redferne: Of all ingredients used by a witch, the most coveted is human fat. If that fat is cut from an unbaptized male child, there is but one purpose - one thing is will beget.
    - Kassandra: I'm listening.
    - Giles Redferne: Flying potion.”

    Richard R. Grant - Giles Redferne
    Lori Singer - Kassandra
    [Tag:curse, magic]
  • “- Giles Redferne: Let your attention lie before you, not beside you.
    - Kassandra: Check this! Some guy from the seventeenth century telling me how to drive. How quick they learn!”

    Richard R. Grant - Giles Redferne
    Lori Singer - Kassandra
  • “Twenty fuckin' years and not one party. What a total ass burr!”

    Lori Singer - Kassandra
    [Tag:aging, party]
  • “- Pastor: Can I ask what your interest is in finding such a book?
    - Giles Redferne: Our interest lies in stopping those who would see all good falter. It lies in stopping the powers of misrule from coming of age. It lies in finding that damned book, and thwarting a vile beast of a man who shall not rest until God himself is thrown down, and all...” (continue)
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    David Carpenter - Pastor
    Richard R. Grant - Giles Redferne
    [Tag:books, evil, good]
  • “The spell book. All witches keep grimoires, yet one is indestructible, one is the bible of black magic - the Grand Grimoire. Always witches have lusted for it, and now, here, I find a page - one lone page!”
    Richard R. Grant - Giles Redferne
    [Tag:books, curse, magic]
  • “Why couldn't he just kill me? Nothing could be worse than this!”

    Lori Singer - Kassandra
  • “- Little Boy: You tellin' me you're a witch? You ain't no witch! Witches are girls!
    - Warlock: Some are men.
    - Little Boy: Yeah? So where's your broomstick?”

    Brandon Call - Little Boy
    Julian Sands - Warlock
    [Tag:men, witches]