“L.A. Story” quotes

Plot – The movie tells the love misadventures of Harris K. Telemacher with three very different women: his official but snob girlfriend who betrays him with his best friend, a very exuberant clerk of a clothing store and finally a British journalist arrived in Los Angeles for a piece about the American city. Telemacher in the end will choose the last one with the help of a magical electronic road sign that tells him what to do.
All actors – Steve Martin, Victoria Tennant, Richard E. Grant, Marilu Henner, Sarah Jessica Parker, Susan Forristal, Kevin Pollak, Sam McMurray, Patrick Stewart, Andrew Amador, Gail Grate, Eddie De Harp, M.C. Shan, Frances Fisher, Iman, Tommy Hinkley, Larry Miller, Anne Crawford, Samantha McCoy, Thornton Simmons, Dennis Dragon, Richard Stahl, Aaron Lustig, Julianna McCarthy, Time Winters, Pierre Epstein, Wesley Thompson, George Plimpton, David Glyn Price, Wesley Mann, Mark Steen, Jaime Gomez, Amy Wallace, Cheryl Baker, May Boss, Scott Johnston, Robert Lind, Tony Marsico, Burt Macke, Mary Pedersen, Matt Stetson, , John Lithgow, Brian Banowetz, Sean Michael Beyer, Michael E. Burgess, Chevy Chase, Tina Cote, Larry Echerer, Woody Harrelson, Terry Jones, Rick Moranis, Robert Picardo
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