“What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” quotes

Movie What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
Robert Aldrich directed this movie in 1962
Title What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
Year 1962
Director Robert Aldrich
Genre Drama, Horror, Thriller
Plot – Baby Jane Hudson was a very good actress, but as an adult she's no longer a child prodigy, while her sister Blanche is very popular. At the height of her career, Blanche remains paralyzed and goes to live with her sister. Blanche wants to sell the house, so Jane submits her to any kind of harassments and locks her in her room. When the maid tries to help her, Jane kills her. At dawn, the two sisters are on the beach where they used to go as children. Blanche is lying next to a big hole in the sand. What happened to Baby Jane?
All actors – Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Victor Buono, Wesley Addy, Julie Allred, Anne Barton, Marjorie Bennett, Bert Freed, Anna Lee, Maidie Norman, Dave Willock, William Aldrich, Russ Conway, Maxine Cooper, Robert Cornthwaite, Michael Fox, Gina Gillespie, Barbara Merrill, Don Ross, James Seay, John Shay, Jon Shepodd, Peter Virgo, Bobs Watson, Debbie Burton, Robert Aldrich, Murray Alper, Ernest Anderson, Steve Condit, Andrew Duggan, Mike Ragan, Michael St. Angel, Ralph Volkie
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  • “- Jane: I don't understand?
    - Edwin Flagg: They are trying to say I'm drunk.
    - Police Officer: Oh, we just say that you're a little happy. Okay?
    - Edwin Flagg: Whose happy? I'm not happy.”

    Bette Davis - Baby Jane Hudson
    Victor Buono - Edwin Flagg
    James Seay - Police Officer
  • “You can lose everything else, but, you can't lose your talent.”
    Bette Davis - Baby Jane Hudson
  • “- Jane: I wonder if you can guess who I am?
    - Edwin Flagg: Can you give me a hint?
    - Jane: Well, its not really fair to make you guess. I'm - I'm Baby Jane Hudson.”

    Bette Davis - Baby Jane Hudson
    Victor Buono - Edwin Flagg
  • “- Jane: I'll bring in some tea. You like tea?
    - Edwin Flagg: Oh, yes. I'm quite fond of tea. You must have guessed that I'm English.
    - Jane: Oh, really? How nice for you.”

    Bette Davis - Baby Jane Hudson
    Victor Buono - Edwin Flagg
  • “There's too many people in this town with nothing else to do but talk.”
    Anna Lee - Mrs. Bates
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