“Psycho” quotes

Movie Psycho
Alfred Hitchcock directed this movie in 1960
Title Psycho
Year 1960
Director Alfred Hitchcock
Genre Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – Marion Crane is a dissatisfied employee from Phoenix who breaks with her past: she steals $40.000 from her office and runs away. She stops at the motel run by Norman Bates, a shy and awkward guy who lives with his mother in a creepy house next to the motel and has a collection of stuffed animals. While Marion is taking a shower, someone kills her. The following day her boyfriend and her sister start to look for her, helped by detective Arbogast. It is one of the most famous Hitchcock’s films: an experimental movie that ends in the middle - with the murder in the shower - and begins again, frightful and sometimes sarcastic. It is an experiment of sadism, shot in black and white and with a musical score only made of strings, composed by Baernard Herrmann. Perkins made his career with this role.
All actors – Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles, John Gavin, Janet Leigh, Martin Balsam, John McIntire, Simon Oakland, Frank Albertson, Patricia Hitchcock, Vaughn Taylor, Lurene Tuttle, John Anderson, Mort Mills, Fletcher Allen, Prudence Beers, Kit Carson, Francis De Sales, George Dockstader, George Eldredge, Harper Flaherty, Sam Flint, Virginia Gregg, Alfred Hitchcock, Paul Jasmin, Lee Kass, Frank Killmond, Ted Knight, Pat McCaffrie, Jeanette Nolan, Lillian O'Malley, Fred Scheiwiller, Helen Wallace
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