“The Frisco Kid” quotes

Movie The Frisco Kid
Robert Aldrich directed this movie in 1979
Title The Frisco Kid
Year 1979
Director Robert Aldrich
Genre Comedy, Western
Plot – Avram Belinski is a Polish rabbi but the elderly people don't trust him. He's sent to work to San Francisco and as a reward he can marry young Sarah, but once in Philadelphia he begins an adventurous journey to an unfamiliar country. He speaks only Hyddish and a bit of English, so he is soon cheated by swindlers. However he doesn't give up and accepts any job to reach San Francisco. Together with Tommy Bronco, a good-hearted gangster, Avram comes across many adventures and wins the trust of the Indian leader, Cloud Grey. Accidentally he kills one gangster and Avram starts to doubt himself, but in the end he reaches San Francisco.
All actors – Gene Wilder, Harrison Ford, Ramon Bieri, Val Bisoglio, George DiCenzo, Leo Fuchs, Penny Peyser, William Smith, Jack Somack, Beege Barkette, Shay Duffin, Walter Janovitz
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