“Repulsion” quotes

Movie Repulsion
Roman Polanski directed this movie in 1965
Title Repulsion
Year 1965
Director Roman Polanski
Genre Drama, Horror, Thriller
Plot – Carol, a young Belgian manicurist, lives in London with her sister Hélène. Shy and androphobic, Carol feels uncomfortable with the constant presence of her sister's lover in their apartment. When Hélène and her partner leave for a short holiday and leave her alone, Carol's frail psyche breaks down completely. She gets more and more distracted on her workplace and finds every kind of excuse to justify her long non-attendances, while at home she is constantly haunted by hallucinations. Completely dissociated, Carol will end up killing Colin, a boy that was courting her and had entered her apartment, and the landlord, who had tried to rape her.
All actors – Catherine Deneuve, Ian Hendry, John Fraser, Yvonne Furneaux, Patrick Wymark, Renee Houston, Valerie Taylor, James Villiers, Helen Fraser, Hugh Futcher, Monica Merlin, Imogen Graham, Mike Pratt, , Lewis Alexander, Tony Allen, Hercules Bellville, Wallace Bosco, Mel Churcher, Maxwell Craig, Muriel Greenslade, Eileen Harvey, Angela Kay, Aileen Lewis, Jim O'Brady, Roman Polanski, Charles Rayford, John Tatum, Pearl Walters
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  • “I wish I could find the proper words to say. They just keep going around and around in my head. I just - I want to be - to be with you - all the time.”

    John Fraser - Colin
  • “They're all the same. Just like children. They want to be spanked, then given sweets.”

    Renee Houston - Miss Balch
  • “- John: Still keeping her legs crossed? She's getting you down, you know. The old, old story: not before we're married, darling. I wouldn't waste your money.
    - Reggie: She seems a bit lost to me.
    - John: I mean, don't let her being foreign fool you. They're all the same, these bloody virgins. They're just teasers, that's all.
    - Reggie: She seems...” (continue)
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    James Villiers - John
    Hugh Futcher - Reggie
    John Fraser - Colin
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  • “- Reggie: Lesbians?
    - John: No. No. They both fancied the same bloke. I should have his luck.”

    Hugh Futcher - Reggie
    James Villiers - John
  • “- Bridget: I thought I'd die laughing. He was so hungry, he wanted to eat his shoes.
    - Carol: No?
    - Bridget: He pretended the laces were spaghetti.”

    Helen Fraser - Bridget
    Catherine Deneuve - Carol
  • “There's only one way to deal with men. That's treat them as though you don't give a damn about them!”
    Renee Houston - Miss Balch
  • “- Mrs. Rendlesham: Have you fallen asleep?
    - Carol: Oh, I'm sorry.
    - Mrs. Rendlesham: I think you must be in love or something.”

    Monica Merlin - Mrs. Rendlesham
    Catherine Deneuve - Carol
  • “- Carol: I think we are having rabbit.
    - Colin: Rabbit? Oh. I thought they'd all been killed off.
    - Carol: No. She has a friend.
    - Colin: A rabbit?
    - Carol: No, I think the friend has rabbits.
    - Colin: Poor bunny.”

    Catherine Deneuve - Carol
    John Fraser - Colin
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  • “We all have to lead our own lives in the end, you know.”
    Catherine Deneuve - Carol
  • “- Colin: Are you playing hard to get? I've been waiting over an hour!
    - Carol: What for?
    - Colin: Well, not for Christmas. We made a date. Remember? We're having supper tonight.
    - Carol: Oh, I forgot.
    - Colin: Well, next time you forget, maybe you'll let me know.”

    John Fraser - Colin
    Catherine Deneuve - Carol