Gluttony quotes

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  • “- Waitress: You want strawberry pie or apple pie?
    - Radio: I wan' both!”

    Rebecca Koon - Waitress
    Cuba Gooding Jr. - Radio
    [Tag:choice, food, gluttony]
  • “He was a slob. Did you ever see him eat? Starving children could fill their bellies on the food that ended up in his beard and on his clothes. Dogs would gather to watch him eat. I've never understood gluttony, but I hate it. I hated that about you. He enjoyed disgusting people, being disgusting, the thrill of offending people and making them...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Bill Murray - Larry Darrell
    [Tag:disgust, gluttony, hatred]
  • “- Val Cannon: Don't be greedy.
    - Sherry Peatty: I'm not greedy! Val, I'm in love with you and if that's being greedy, then, I'm the biggest glutton that ever walked the earth.
    - Val Cannon: Don't make it sounds so ominous. It sounds like you're gonna eat me alive.
    - Sherry Peatty: I may just do that.”

    Vince Edwards - Val Cannon
    Marie Windsor - Sherry Peatty
    [Tag:falling in love, gluttony, greed]
  • “- Jeff Dunham: Do you have a weakness?
    - Melvin the Superhero Guy: Cupcakes... and porn. Not at the same time! I need a free hand.”

    Jeff Dunham - Jeff Dunham
    Jeff Dunham - Melvin the Superhero Guy
    [Tag:gluttony, pornography, weakness]
  • “- Roman: I think that just about does it.
    - Grill Chef: He's not done yet!
    - Roman: It might take him a moment for that last bite to go down, but it will go down!
    - Grill Chef: That ain't the last bite!
    - Roman: Well sure it is, there is nothing on that plate but gristle and fat!
    - Roman: [the Chef raises his eyebrows] No Problem. If i can get a...” (continue)
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    Dan Aykroyd - Roman Craig
    Andy Prosky - Grill Chef
    [Tag:food, gluttony, humor]
  • “Look at the size of the maggots on that meat!”

    Dan Aykroyd - Roman Craig
    [Tag:disgust, food, gluttony]
  • - Ranger John Smith: [showing a "Do Not Feed The Bears" sign to Yogi] Read this sign.
    - Yogi Bear: Uh, ”No Smoking In The Forest"?
    - Ranger John Smith: You know what it says, Yogi, and it applies to all the bears, especially you!

    Don Messick - Ranger John Smith
    Daws Butler - Yogi Bear
    [Tag:gluttony, greed]