“Camouflage” quotes

Movie Camouflage
Title Camouflage
Year 2001
Director James Keach
Genre Comedy, Action
All actors – Leslie Nielsen, Lochlyn Munro, Vanessa Angel, William Forsythe, Patrick Warburton, Tom Aldredge, Frank Collison, Suzanne Krull, C. Ernst Harth, Brahm Taylor, Richard Faraci, Sarah-Jane Redmond
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  • “- Jack Potter: Who was it?
    - Skinny Woman: We're talking about... Washington.
    - Marty Mackenzie: My God, what, the governments involved?
    - Skinny Woman: No, George Washintgon. That's right! The kid who couldn't tell a lie. Shocked? So was I. He's livin' right up in that old mine up on the hill. Him and Elvis and M.L. King and JFK and John Lennon...” (continue)
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    Leslie William Nielsen - Jack Potter
    Suzanne Krull - Skinny Woman
    Lochlyn Munro - Marty Mackenzie
  • “Three things I learned being a private eye: never trust a girl, always get it on tape, and bring backup.”
    Lochlyn Munro - Marty Mackenzie
  • “- Jack Potter: We're headed out to a town full of devil-worshipers on a tip from a dame who sees two-headed mules.
    - Marty Mackenzie: Jack, in the detective business you cannot leave any stone unturned.”

    Leslie William Nielsen - Jack Potter
    Lochlyn Munro - Marty Mackenzie
  • “I'm a songwriter. I wrote this, and I recorded it with a buddy down in Bakersfield. He used to have a studio, but he's dead now. Yeah... somebody killed him for being selfish.”

    C. Ernst Harth - Bearded Guy
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