“Bad Company” quotes

Movie Bad Company
Joel Schumacher directed this movie in 2002
Title Bad Company
Year 2002
Director Joel Schumacher
Genre Comedy, Adventure, Action
Plot – Agents Gaylord Oakes and Kevin Pope are two top-level CIA agents who work together to prevent a nuclear device to fall into the wrong hands. The only way to carry out their mission is to buy it, so Kevin Pope becomes Michael Turner, an art dealer from Prague who must earn the confidence of Adrik Vas, a Russian man who operates within the black market. Pope introduces Vas to Oakes, who pretends to be an extraordinarily rich buyer.
All actors – Anthony Hopkins, Chris Rock, Peter Stormare, Gabriel Macht, Kerry Washington, Adoni Maropis, Garcelle Beauvais, Matthew Marsh, Dragan Micanovic, John Slattery, Brooke Smith, Daniel Sunjata, DeVone Lawson Jr., Wills Robbins, Marek Vasut, Majed Ibrahim, Peter Macdissi, Fuman Dar, Irma P. Hall, Petr Jákl, Dan Ziskie, John Aylward, John Fink, Joseph Edward, Deborah Rush, David Fisher, Jan Nemejovský, Winter Ave Zoli, Elin Spidlová, Magdalena Souskova, Michael Ealy, T.J. Cross, Peter Davies, Lanette Ware, Ammar Daraiseh, Jiri Simberský, Mikulás Kren, Eddie Yansick, Philip Buch, Steven Fisher, Milos Kulhavy, Petr Vlasak, Viktor Cervenka, Dusan Hyska, P.I. Noccio, Minna Pyyhkala, Kurt Bryant, Pavel Kratky, Frantisek Deak, Muslim Tagirov, Brad Harper, Jeff Mantel, Bill Massof, Shabazz Ray, Joel Sugerman, Christopher Best, Matthew Zolan, Dale Wyatt, Claire Britton, Peter Von Berg, Philippe Vonlanthen, , Jennifer Alexander, George Antonopoulos, Kalimi Baxter, Kishe Caelan-Wallace, Vernon Campbell, Cedric Cannon, Jeff Chena, Kelly Cole Childers, Charlie Day, Michael Fewx, Cinti Laird, Dory Manzour, Ramon Moses, Macc Plaise, Lara Anne Slife, Aaron Louis Tordini, Kevin Watson, Shea Whigham, Mala Wright
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