“Cast Away” quotes

Movie Cast Away
Robert Zemeckis directed this movie in 2000
Title Cast Away
Year 2000
Director Robert Zemeckis
Genre Drama, Adventure
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Plot – Chuck Noland is a Federal Express engineer. His task is to solve problems and to manage the deliveries. His skills are extended to the entire organization of deliveries in the world. His job is very stressful and demanding, so he never has enough time for himself, for his girlfriend Kelly, for his friends and for a normal life. Nothing is worthy, including the existential questions. The plane in which he is working crashes into the Ocean, offshore near a desert island. Therefore, Chuck is alone, without anyway out and anyone to talk with. From that moment onwards, he has to reconsider all his priorities.
All actors – Paul Sanchez, Lari White, Leonid Citer, David Allen Brooks, Yelena Popovic, Valentina Ananina, Semion Sudarikov, Tom Hanks, Peter von Berg, Dmitri S. Boudrine, François Duhamel, Michael Forest, Viveka Davis, Nick Searcy, Jennifer Choe, Helen Hunt, Nan Martin, Anne Bellamy, Dennis Letts, Wendy Worthington, Skye McKenzie, Valerie Wildman, John Duerler, Steve Monroe, Ashley Trefger, Lindsey Trefger, Alyssa Gainer, Kaitlyn Gainer, Lauren Gainer, Albert Pugliese, Gregory Pugliese, Brandon Reinhardt, Matthew Reinhardt, Lisa Long, Lauren Birkell, Elden Henson, Timothy Stack, Alice Vaughn, Chase MacKenzie Bebak, Gage Bebak, Amanda Cagney, Andrea Cagney, Fred Semmer, Peter Semmer, Joe Conley, Aaron Rapke, Vince Martin, Garret Davis, Jay Acovone, Christopher Kriesa, Chris Noth, Fred Smith, Michelle Robinson, Tommy Cresswell, Jenifer Lewis, Geoffrey Blake, Rich Sickler, Derick Alexander, Brian Crider, Mark S. Porro, Wilson the Volleyball
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