“Deliver Us From Eva” quotes

Movie Deliver Us From Eva
Title Deliver Us From Eva
Original title Deliver Us from Eva
Year 2003
Director Gary Hardwick
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Interpreted by
All actors – LL Cool J, Gabrielle Union, Duane Martin, Essence Atkins, Robinne Lee, Meagan Good, Mel Jackson, Dartanyan Edmonds, Kym Whitley, Royale Watkins, Matt Winston, Ruben Paul
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  • “You give me your body and then you offer me your friendship?”

    LL Cool J - Raymond 'Ray' Adams
    [Tag:friendship, men, sex]
  • “This about men versus women. Women who aspire to culture, and men who aspire to scratch themselves. Women who bear the burdens in life and men who create those burdens. Women who uplift humanity, and men who uplift lap dances. If society left to the whims of men we'd still be in caves carving pictures with our non aposable thumbs. Today we women...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Gabrielle Union - Evangeline 'Eva' Dandrige
    [Tag:men, women]
  • “- Telly: The best way to get over an old man...
    - Ormandy: ...is to get under a new one!”

    Royale Watkins - Telly
    Kym Whitley - Ormandy
  • “- Raymond 'Ray' Adams: I think I might love her.
    - Darrell: Love! You forgot the rule. Players don't feel. That's like a pimp with a health plan.”

    LL Cool J - Raymond 'Ray' Adams
    Dartanyan Edmonds - Darrell
  • “You can't come by here, because I'm pretending to be gay. In L.A., a straight male hairdresser is an unemployed male hairdresser.”

    Royale Watkins - Telly
  • “- Darrell: Don't mind us. We're just having sex.
    - Evangeline 'Eva' Dandrige: Oh so I should come back in, what, two minutes?”

    Dartanyan Edmonds - Darrell
    Gabrielle Union - Evangeline 'Eva' Dandrige
    [Tag:sex, time]
  • “- Oscar: I don't understand you. Why do you have to be so goddamned uncompromising?
    - Evangeline 'Eva' Dandrige: It's called principle. Maybe the world is in short supply, but I am not.”

    Matt Winston - Oscar
    Gabrielle Union - Evangeline 'Eva' Dandrige
    [Tag:principles, women]
  • “Most women have a few barriers around their heart, but Eva has an electrified fence with rabid pit bulls.”
    LL Cool J - Raymond 'Ray' Adams