“Diabolique” quotes

Movie Diabolique
Title Diabolique
Original title Les diaboliques
Year 1955
Director Henri-Georges Clouzot
Genre Horror, Thriller, Mystery
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Plot – In the outskirts of Paris stands the Delassalle male college. The director, Michel Delassalle, former sports champion, is known for his strictness: not only students, but also teachers have to undergo his tyranny without arguing. The beautiful and young wife of the director, Christina, is also part of the teaching staff and Michel founded the college thanks to her money. Nicole Horner is a new teacher and soon becomes Michel's lover. However, the two women end up becoming allies against the man they have in common. With a trick, they lure him into a trap, kill him and simulate an accident in the college pool, but Michel's body disappears.
All actors – Simone Signoret, Véra Clouzot, Paul Meurisse, Charles Vanel, Jean Brochard, Thérèse Dorny, Michel Serrault, Georges Chamarat, Robert Dalban, Camille Guérini, Jacques Hilling, Jean Lefebvre, Aminda Montserrat, Jean Témerson, Jacques Varennes, Georges Poujouly, Yves-Marie Maurin, Noël Roquevert, Pierre Larquey, Jean-Pierre Bonnefous, Christian Brocard, Jean Clarieux, Henri Coutet, Michel Dumur, Johnny Hallyday, Henri Humbert, Roberto Rodrigo, Madeleine Suffel, Jimmy Urbain
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  • “What's the matter with me tonight? I don't want to sleep. I don't want to sleep. We have to leave.”
    Paul Meurisse - Michel Delassalle
    [Tag:insomnia, leaving]
  • “We all need a vacation. The body needs to eliminate its toxins. Tomorrow mademoiselle, I'll be all naked. And you, how did you plan this long weekend?”
    Michel Serrault - M. Raymond, le surveillant
  • “- Michel Delassalle: A sick person shouldn't worry about her appearance.
    - Christina Delassalle: I'm not sick.
    - Nicole Horner: She's delicate, you know it.
    - Michel Delassalle: Delicate? Yes, when she came from Caracas. Today, she's a cute little ruin. She doesn't risk anything. Ruins are indestructible. She'll bury us all. Won't you, my little...” (continue)
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    Paul Meurisse - Michel Delassalle
    Véra Clouzot - Christina Delassalle
    Simone Signoret - Nicole Horner
  • “To commit suicide in the Seine, one doesn't need to undress.”
    Charles Vanel - Alfred Fichet, le commissaire
    [Tag:nudity, suicide]
  • “- Christina Delassalle: There is only one possible end. We are monsters. I don't like monsters.
    - Nicole Horner: If it's only him, I feel better. I'll save the grain of sand falling from the hands of providence for my morality lessons.”

    Véra Clouzot - Christina Delassalle
    Simone Signoret - Nicole Horner
    [Tag:cruelty, morality]
  • “- Christina Delassalle: I'd like to die and not see him anymore.
    - Michel Delassalle: Die, darling! Die and do it quickly!”

    Véra Clouzot - Christina Delassalle
    Paul Meurisse - Michel Delassalle
    [Tag:death, wishes]
  • “I may be reactionary, but this is absolutely astounding - the legal wife consoling the mistress! No, no, and no!”
    Pierre Larquey - M.Drain, professeur
  • “Some things are hard to swallow, and I'm not talking about the fish.”

    Paul Meurisse - Michel Delassalle
  • “- Christina Delassalle: Don't you believe in Hell?
    - Nicole Horner: Not since I was seven.
    - Christina Delassalle: I do.”

    Véra Clouzot - Christina Delassalle
    Simone Signoret - Nicole Horner
    [Tag:belief, hell]
  • “- Plantiveau, le concierge: Watch out, ma'am. That's the deep part where you are.
    - Christina Delassalle: There is no danger. I can swim.
    - Plantiveau, le concierge: That don't mean a thing. It's always the ones who know how that get drowned. The ones who can't, don't go near the pool.”

    Jean Brochard - Plantiveau, le concierge
    Véra Clouzot - Christina Delassalle