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  • “Autism isn’t an accomplishment. It’s something I was born with. You wouldn’t write an essay about having ten fingers and ten toes, would you? No, because that would be really, really, really, really dumb.”
    Keir Gilchrist - Sam Gardner
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  • “Chris Mackelroy-I just found out I have a lump on my groin.
    Dr.Herb Melnick-Bad place for a lump.
    Charlie Harper-Tell me a good place.
    Dr.Herb Melnick-Someone else's groin.

    Charlie Sheen - Charlie Harper
    Ryan Stiles - Dr. Herb Melnick
    Judd Nelson - Chris Mackelroy
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  • “You know when dogs are sick they hide until they feel better.. probably why they're man's best friend.”
    Charlie Sheen - Charlie Harper
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  • “Fear is an illness. If you catch it and you leave it untreated, it can consume you. You face it.”
    Henry Cavill - Geralt of Rivia
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  • “You don’t know me, so you’re not really sorry. You’re just mainly awkward ’cause I have sprung some cancer talk at you.”
    Cherry Jones - Susan
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  • “How can you be sure what will do harm to another man? Personally, I know of only two real evils in life: Remorse and sickness. And happiness is the absence of those two evils.”
    Vyacheslav Tikhonov - Prince Andrei Bolkonsky
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  • “- Baby Doll: I feel so weak. Oh, my head is buzzy.
    - Silva Vacarro: Fuzzy?
    - Baby Doll: Hmm. Fuzzy and buzzy. My head is swingin' round. Must have been that swingin' that done it.”

    Carroll Baker - Baby Doll Meighan
    Eli Wallach - Silva Vacarro
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  • “- Michel Delassalle: A sick person shouldn't worry about her appearance.
    - Christina Delassalle: I'm not sick.
    - Nicole Horner: She's delicate, you know it.
    - Michel Delassalle: Delicate? Yes, when she came from Caracas. Today, she's a cute little ruin. She doesn't risk anything. Ruins are indestructible. She'll bury us all. Won't you, my little...” (continue)
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    Paul Meurisse - Michel Delassalle
    Véra Clouzot - Christina Delassalle
    Simone Signoret - Nicole Horner
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