“Fifty Shades of Black” quotes

Movie Fifty Shades of Black
Title Fifty Shades of Black
Year 2016
Director Michael Tiddes
Genre Comedy
Plot – In this parody comedy, the millionaire control maniac Christian Black seduces the shy college student Hannah Steele after an interview. They start a hilarious and vicious relationship, despite Christian's loving shortcomings, the excessive weirdness of his racist mother, the well-hung Eli and the nymphomaniac Kateesha.
All actors – Marlon Wayans, Kali Hawk, Fred Willard, Mike Epps, Affion Crockett, Jane Seymour, Florence Henderson, Andrew Bachelor, Jenny Zigrino, Kate Miner, Sydney Castillo, Irene Choi
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  • “- Christian Black: I got my money the way most black entrepreneurs got theirs.
    - Hannah Steele: Real estate?
    - Christian Black: Drug dealing.”

    Marlon Wayans - Christian Black
    Kali Hawk - Hannah Steele
  • “- Hannah Steele: [after Christian buys cable ties and tape] If I didn't know better, I might mistake you for a serial killer.
    - Christian Black: Haha, don't be ridiculous. If I was a serial killer I'd need rope, ax, lye, ammonia, chloropill, wood chipper, plastic sheets, and three large boxes of space pampers! And a shovel. On second thought, I...” (continue)
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    Kali Hawk - Hannah Steele
    Marlon Wayans - Christian Black
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  • “- Hannah: My ex stepdad Ron is a little... over protective.
    - Ron: Are you thinking about marrying her?
    - Christian: [deeply felt] No.
    - Ron: What if she gets pregnant?
    - Christian: Still no. But hell no. I like this guy!”

    Kali Hawk - Hannah Steele
    Mike Epps - Ron
    Marlon Wayans - Christian Black
  • “- Hannah Steele: You want me to be somebody that I am not.
    - Christian Black: No, no. It's not me that's changing you, it's you that's changing me!
    - Hannah Steele: Wait a minute... that's a line from the movie Radio.
    - Christian Black: No it's not.
    - Hannah Steele: Yeah, yeah. The movie with Cuba Gooding Jr. where he played this mentally...” (continue)
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    Kali Hawk - Hannah Steele
    Marlon Wayans - Christian Black
  • “- Charlese: What we supposed to do in here?
    - Christian Black: Well, I thought we'd start with a little bit of rope play.
    - Charlese: No!
    - [Christian loses his smile]
    - Christian Black: Okay, well, how about I just mount you to that rack over there and spank you?
    - Charlese: Hell to the no!
    - Christian Black: Perhaps a little bit of flogging?
    -...” (continue)
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    Chaunte Wayans - Charlese
    Marlon Wayans - Christian Black
  • “- Hannah Steele: Um, are you stalking me, Mr. Black?
    - Christian Black: Hahaha! Yes.”

    Kali Hawk - Hannah Steele
    Marlon Wayans - Christian Black