“Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers” quotes

Movie Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
Title Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
Year 1988
Director Dwight H. Little
Genre Horror, Thriller
Plot – During a transfer, Michael Myers escapes and reaches Haddonfield town. The doctor who had captured him, Dr. Loomis, suspects he wants to kill his niece Jamie Lloyd, who lives with her half-sister Rachel. Loomis locates Myers in a service station, where he has massacred everyone, and tries to stop him. In the meantime, Haddonfield is celebrating Holloween and Al, warned by Loomis, starts a manhunt and accidentally kills a homeless. Loomis convinces Sheriff Meeker to look for Jamie and Rachel at the local school. The maniac manages to grab a child but he's stunned and captured. While everyone thinks to be safe in Al's van, Michael attacks them for the last time, but the killer is finally murdered by police. Before dying, Myers touches Jamie's hand.
All actors – Donald Pleasence, Ellie Cornell, Danielle Harris, George P. Wilbur, Michael Pataki, Beau Starr, Kathleen Kinmont, Sasha Jenson, Gene Ross, Carmen Filpi, Raymond O'Connor, Jeff Olson
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