“Happy Death Day 2U” quotes

Movie Happy Death Day 2U
Title Happy Death Day 2U
Year 2019
Director Christopher Landon
Genre Comedy, Horror, Mystery
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Plot – Tree Gelbman finds out that dying multiple time is easier than all the dangers that are awaiting her. Once again trapped in a time cycle, she will have to choose between her past and her future.
All actors – Jessica Rothe, Israel Broussard, Phi Vu, Suraj Sharma, Sarah Yarkin, Rachel Matthews, Ruby Modine, Steve Zissis, Charles Aitken, Laura Clifton, Missy Yager, Jason Bayle, Caleb Spillyards, Jimmy Gonzales, Peter Jaymes Jr., Rob Mello, Kenneth Israel, James W. Evermore, Johnny Ballance, Tenea Intriago, Lindsey G. Smith, Tran Tran, GiGi Erneta, Blaine Kern III, Brenda Currin, Cariella Smith, Brady Edwin Lewis, Wendy Miklovic, Ramsey Anderson, Brent Phillip Henry, Sylvia Grace Crim, , Ethan Airhart, Sarah Bennani, Jenelle Eason, Jack Harris, Timothy Hinrichs, Alexis Holloway, Julia Holt, Ken Knight, Jacqueline Harris Matherne, Woodrow Eduard McCarthy, Kaleb Naquin, Vaughan Page, Jonathan Pal, Jeffrey Patrick, Jeffrey Riseden, Natalie Sibille, Toney Chapman Steele
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  • “- Ryan Phan: Guys, focus. I don't want to die.
    - Tree Gelbman: On the bright side, you'll come back. I died eleven times.
    - Ryan Phan: [shocked] Eleven? Hell no. That shit hurts.”

    Phi Vu - Ryan Phan
    Jessica Rothe - Tree Gelbman
    [Tag:death, risk]
  • “- Tree Gelbman: What happened?
    - Andrea 'Dre' Morgan: Oh, the vector's off.
    - Tree Gelbman: [worried] But you said this was the right one.
    - Andrea 'Dre' Morgan: No, the math was right. Something else is off.
    - Tree Gelbman: Guys, I have literally been killing myself to memorize this shit for you. Failure's not an option.”

    Jessica Rothe - Tree Gelbman
    Sarah Yarkin - Andrea 'Dre' Morgan
  • The Sisyphus Quantum Cooling Reactor. We call it "Sissy" for short. You see all these? They're proton lasers, and when they fire, they cool the centrifuge right here to almost below one nanokelvin. So, basically, we're trying to prove that time can be slowed down on a molecular level. It hasn't worked yet, but we did find some promising data,... (continue)(continue reading)
    Phi Vu - Ryan Phan
    [Tag:technology, time]
  • “- Andrea 'Dre' Morgan: But a parsec is a measure of distance, not time!
    - Samar Ghosh: OK, so now you're gonna call Han Solo a liar?”

    Sarah Yarkin - Andrea 'Dre' Morgan
    Suraj Sharma - Samar Ghosh
    [Tag:distance, time]
  • “Failure is not an option.”
    Jessica Rothe - Tree Gelbman
  • People say "I love you" all the time, but... it's not until you can't say it to that person's face anymore that you really realize how much you mean it.
    Jessica Rothe - Tree Gelbman
    [Tag:loss, love]
  • “I'm the woman I am because I had you. You know, I never really told anyone this before, but when I was pregnant with you, I was scared shitless. But then, the moment I held you, something inside of me changed instantly. The best kind of love does that. It changes you. It makes you a better person.”

    Missy Yager - Julie Gelbman
    [Tag:birth, pregnancy]
  • “We are scientists. We solve the problem.”
    Phi Vu - Ryan Phan