“Home Room” quotes

Movie Home Room
Title Home Room
Year 2002
Director Paul F. Ryan
Genre Drama, Crime
All actors – Busy Philipps, Erika Christensen, Victor Garber, Raphael Sbarge, Ken Jenkins, Holland Taylor, Arthur Taxier, James Pickens Jr., Constance Zimmer, Richard Gilliland, Roxanne Hart, Agnes Bruckner
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  • “- Det. Macready: It's never the bullies, is it?
    - Alicia Browning: Of course not. Bullies have to graduate, so that they can become police officers.”

    Raphael Sbarge - Det. Macready
    Busy Philipps - Alicia Browning
    [Tag:bullying, police]
  • I had a few nightmares, which really excited them. They even have a clinical term for it, "Repressed Memory Anxiety", which I think sounds a tad bit overdramatic. But now they spend every morning trying to tap my subconscious fears. Fears so scary I don't even know I have them.

    Erika Christensen - Deanna Cartwright
  • “- Deanna Cartwright: Anyway, I have a much higher IQ than she does.
    - Alicia Browning: You're IQ doesn't mean a goddamn thing in the world.”

    Erika Christensen - Deanna Cartwright
    Busy Philipps - Alicia Browning
  • “- Alicia Browning: It hurts.
    - Deanna Cartwright: What does?
    - Alicia Browning: The first time you do it. It hurts. It's what every virgin wants to know, right? It hurts. It burns sort of.”

    Busy Philipps - Alicia Browning
    Erika Christensen - Deanna Cartwright
    [Tag:awareness, pain, sex]
  • “High School is no place for kids anymore.”
    Victor Garber - Det. Martin Van Zandt
  • “All they'll have left to tell you is the unholy truth: that kids just die. And babies die too. It just happens. So you live with it.”

    Busy Philipps - Alicia Browning