“Jagged Edge” quotes

Movie Jagged Edge
Title Jagged Edge
Year 1985
Director Richard Marquand
Genre Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – Mrs. Forrester is brutally raped and stabbed by a stranger in her house. Her husband Jack Forrester, who has political ambitions and has ruined the District Attorney's career, is the only suspect of the murder. Teddy Barnes, a beautiful lawyer, is entrusted Jack's defense. The woman is firstly convinced about Forrester's innocence, but during the trial many evidences emerge against the man, so Teddy can't trust him anymore.
All actors – Maria Mayenzet, Peter Coyote, Dave Austin, Richard Partlow, Lance Henriksen, William Allen Young, Ben Hammer, Jeff Bridges, James Karen, Sanford Jensen, Woody Eney, Al Ruscio
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