“Endangered Species” quotes

Movie Endangered Species
Alan Rudolph directed this movie in 1982
Title Endangered Species
Year 1982
Director Alan Rudolph
Genre Drama, Thriller, Mystery
All actors – Robert Urich, JoBeth Williams, Paul Dooley, Hoyt Axton, Peter Coyote, Marin Kanter, Gailard Sartain, Dan Hedaya, Harry Carey Jr., John Considine, Margery Bond, Joseph G. Medalis
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  • “- Ruben Castle: You're sixteen, that guy's thirty years old!
    - Mackenzie Castle: So what? My mother was sixteen when she married you, right?
    - Ruben Castle: So what?
    - Mackenzie Castle: Yeah? So I like older men. They remind me of the father I never had.
    - Ruben Castle: Yeah, yeah? Well, you got one now, kid.”

    Robert Urich - Ruben Castle
    Marin Kanter - Mackenzie Castle
  • “I burned out, okay? I'd spend six months putting a guy inside and then in a day his lawyer would have him back out on the street.”
    Robert Urich - Ruben Castle
    [Tag:crime, lawyers, prison]
  • “If what's goin' on around here is organized, you don't want to go up against it. The government, the right wing, the left wing, mercenaries, the mob... It doesn't make much difference if you get in their way.”
    Robert Urich - Ruben Castle
  • “- Ruben Castle: How you like chasin' bad guys?
    - Harriet Purdue: We don't have many bad guys out here in the sticks, Lieutenant.
    - Ruben Castle: Lesson Number One: there are bad guys everywhere.”

    Robert Urich - Ruben Castle
    JoBeth Williams - Harriet Purdue
    [Tag:badness, chase]
  • “- Joe Hiatt: You know in almost every case, bright lights in the sky, no tracks, strange noises...
    - Ruben Castle: UFOs, huh?
    - Joe Hiatt: Look pal, if it's UFOs, it's bigger than all of us. That's like saying God did it. But if it's not UFOs...”

    Paul Dooley - Joe Hiatt
    Robert Urich - Ruben Castle
    [Tag:alien, god, murder]
  • “- Harriet Purdue: Fred, I showed you Ben Morgan's body. The man virtually exploded.
    - Mayor: What do you expect out of somebody who was thrown out of a damned pickup truck?”

    JoBeth Williams - Harriet Purdue
    Gailard Sartain - Mayor
    [Tag:body, death, explosion]