“Jeepers Creepers 2” quotes

Movie Jeepers Creepers 2
Title Jeepers Creepers 2
Original title Jeepers Creepers II
Year 2003
Director Victor Salva
Genre Horror
Plot – A college basketball team gets into trouble. The players are traveling with the cheerleaders and the coaches on the unfortunate East 9 Highway in Poho County. Their bus has been sabotaged by a devilish creature and the adults are killed one by one. The students are blocked in the vehicle and try to defend themselves against the supernatural creature.
All actors – Ray Wise, Jonathan Breck, Garikayi Mutambirwa, Eric Nenninger, Nicki Aycox, Travis Schiffner, Lena Cardwell, Billy Aaron Brown, Marieh Delfino, Diane Delano, Thom Gossom Jr., Tom Tarantini
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