“Looking for Alibrandi” quotes

Movie Looking for Alibrandi
Title Looking for Alibrandi
Year 2000
Director Kate Woods
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance
Plot – Josie Alibrandi is a 17-year-old brilliant student, who's attending her last year at an exclusive college in Sydney. This period for her is a turning point not only in terms of education but for her entire life. The girl meets for the first time her father who left home before she was born and discovers shocking things about him like drugs, love and pain.
All actors – Greta Scacchi, Anthony LaPaglia, Elena Cotta, Kerry Walker, Pia Miranda, Kick Gurry, Matthew Newton, Leanne Carlow, Diane Viduka, Leeanna Walsman, Michael Gallina, Rosa DiMarte, Domenico DiMarte, Tyrone Lara, Geoff Morrell, Graeme Blundell, Ned Manning, Salvatore Coco, Octavia Barron-Martin, Rose Frasca, David Lucas, Linden Wilkinson, Carol Willesee, Jamie Cohen, Caitlin Wright, Georgia Muir, India Patten, Clementine Heath, Martin Horlacher, Shaun Martindale
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  • “My old man was watching a documentary about insects rooting on fig leaves, so I caught the end of the world news. And I saw this guy who was being chased by his own government, and I didn't understand anything about it except that he was wearing a Nick Cave t-shirt. And then I wondered how a guy my age, with my taste in music, had gotten himself...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Kick Gurry - Jacob Coote
    [Tag:death, freedom, youth]
  • “I have the dubioushonour of being Vice-Captain, which is kind of like being runner-up at the Miss Universe beauty pageant. I get to take over if Miss St Martha's becomes ill or gets involved in a sex scandal.”
    Pia Miranda - Josie Alibrandi
  • “Dear Guiness Book of Records: I've just been out on a ten minute date. Is that a record?”
    Pia Miranda - Josie Alibrandi
  • “If I could be anything but what I am, I would be tomorrow. If I could be what my father wants me to be, then maybe I could stay for that, too. If I could be what you want me to be, I'd want to stay. But I am what I am, and all I want is freedom.”
    Matthew Newton - John Barton
  • “I swear, the phone companies'd go broke if it weren't for the Italians!”
    Pia Miranda - Josie Alibrandi
    [Tag:italy, telephone]
  • “- Christina Alibrandi: I wonder what I did to deserve you.
    - Josie Alibrandi: Would you like me to refresh your memory?”

    Greta Scacchi - Christina Alibrandi
    Pia Miranda - Josie Alibrandi
    [Tag:daughter, mother]
  • “I realised I'm lucky because in this country, I can rant and rave and call the Prime Minister a dickhead without the army coming in and shooting me, and stopping you all from listening. And I figured that in this country, we don't vote to keep the best party in - cos there's no such thing - but we vote to keep the worst party out.”
    Kick Gurry - Jacob Coote
  • “You get into punch-ups with aspiring models, you wipe your nose with your sleeve... you're my kind of chick. Why are we such a disaster together?”

    Kick Gurry - Jacob Coote
  • “I received all this shit about voting for the first time, which I chucked in the bin, cos I reckon all politicians are a bunch of dickheads.”
    Kick Gurry - Jacob Coote