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Movie Mafia!
Title Mafia!
Original title Jane Austen's Mafia!
Year 1998
Director Jim Abrahams
Genre Comedy, Crime
Plot – Vincenzo Cortino, a powerful Mafia boss, is living his old age. Anthony, one of his two sons, remembers in a flashback his father's childhood in Sicily, at the beginning of the century: in Salmonella, a village of 1200 inhabitants, little Vincenzo had to escape Cesare Ruffo's vengeance and swam to America. 65 years later, Vincenzo is still living there surrounded by his two sons: Anthony, who's right back from the war, and Joey, a psychopath. Targeted by many enemies, Vincenzo is victim of an attack and he's hospitalized. Anthony is in charge of the revenge and kills the two assassins. His girlfriend Diane refuses this kind of life and leaves him. Shortly after Vincenzo dies and at his father's funeral Anthony arrives on a wheelchair, horribly disfigured. He manages to regain control of his family's business, banishing his brother and meeting again Diane, who has become the President of the United States. They marry but Anthony restores his role as killer.
All actors – Jay Mohr, Billy Burke, Christina Applegate, Pamela Gidley, Olympia Dukakis, Lloyd Bridges, Jason Fuchs, Joe Viterelli, Tony Lo Bianco, Blake Hammond, Philip Suriano, Vincent Pastore
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  • “- Anthony 'Tony' Cortino: Gianini... any Sicilian in you?
    - Pepper Gianini: Not since last night.”

    Jay Mohr - Anthony 'Tony' Cortino
    Pamela Gidley - Pepper Gianini
    [Tag:crime, italy, mafia]
  • “Marriage is like a piece of cheese.”
    Lloyd Bridges - Vincenzo Cortino
  • “If you prick a murderer, does he not leave a blood trail all the way back to his Rockingham estate?”
    Jay Mohr - Anthony 'Tony' Cortino
    [Tag:blood, murder]
  • “How could you do this? A total stranger I could understand. You and another woman, maybe. Me, you and another woman, definitely! But my own brother?”

    Jay Mohr - Anthony 'Tony' Cortino
  • “Criminals are people, too!”
    Jay Mohr - Anthony 'Tony' Cortino
  • “Some would argue that the Mafia is a bad thing, that it uses its power to undermine law and order, to promote the very lowest forms of human behavior. Of course, that's all true, but in the end, maybe it's worth it.”
    Jay Mohr - Anthony 'Tony' Cortino
    [Tag:mafia, power]
  • “You lost a lot of blood but we found most of it.”
    Jay Mohr - Anthony 'Tony' Cortino
    [Tag:blood, loss, wound]
  • “I'm not my father, Diane, just like you're not your father. If we were our fathers, what we did last night would only be legal in Arkansas.”
    Jay Mohr - Anthony 'Tony' Cortino
    [Tag:family, incest, sex]