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Movie Maggie
Title Maggie
Year 2015
Director Henry Hobson
Genre Drama, Horror
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Plot – When a deadly pandemic spreads across the country managing to infect even the small towns of rural America, the authorities establish a strict protocol for patients suffering from the virus: they should be placed in solitary confinement in special units. What happens to the infected afterwards, the authorities will not say. However, Wade Vogel is not ready to give up his daughter, Maggie. After weeks in search of the girl, who fled once she became aware of her diagnosis, the man finds her and brings her back home to her step-mother Caroline and his two sons. After losing his wife years before, Wade is determined to keep his beloved daughter with them as long as possible, refusing to hand her over to local police, who have orders to take her into custody. With the progression of the disease, however, Caroline decides to take her two sons and leave home, leaving Wade alone to helplessly watch Maggie's lacerating slow transformation into a zombie.
All actors – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abigail Breslin, Joely Richardson, Douglas M. Griffin, J.D. Evermore, Rachel Whitman Groves, Jodie Moore, Bryce Romero, Raeden Greer, Aiden Flowers, Carsen Flowers, Walter Von Huene
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  • “Mr. Bowman, I wouldn't normally release someone with this type of infection. I need you to follow the rules here. Quarantine is eight weeks in. She's probably going to show more signs of aggression band hunger. When that happens, say your goodbyes and get her straight into quarantine.”
    David A Cole - Doctor
    [Tag:disease, helping, law]
  • Dad, you've protected me all your life. Now it's my turn to protect you. There is life with you, not with me. Don't come looking for me. I'm safe. I'm fine.”
    Abigail Breslin - Maggie Vogel
    [Tag:father, helping, love]
  • “- Maggie Vogel: Do you smell that?
    - Caroline: No.
    - Maggie Vogel: Are you sure? It smells like food.
    - Caroline: It's probably your father cooking up something he shouldn't have. I'll get the drops.”

    Abigail Breslin - Maggie Vogel
    Joely Richardson - Caroline
    [Tag:disease, food, health]
  • “- Maggie Vogel: You spent two weeks out there looking for me?
    - Wade Vogel: Yeah, I made a promise to your mother to ever protect you.
    - Maggie Vogel: Yeah, but what about you guys? What if I hurt you?
    - Wade Vogel: Don't worry. Caroline and David know the precautions.
    - Maggie Vogel: You shouldn't have brought me back.”

    Abigail Breslin - Maggie Vogel
    Arnold Schwarzenegger - Wade Vogel
  • “I'll be back.”

    Walter Von Huene - Security Officer
  • “She's strong, but from what I have seen it is progressing fast in her. Pretty soon, she ain't gonna want any food. She's gonna want something more. Skin will start smelling like meat.”
    Jodie Moore - Dr. Kaplan
    [Tag:disease, strength]
  • “- Dr. Vern Kaplan: Maggie, what happened here?
    - Wade Vogel: She broke it.
    - Maggie Vogel: I cut it off.
    - Dr. Vern Kaplan: Why would you do such a thing?
    - Maggie Vogel: What good's a finger if your arm is falling off?”

    Jodie Moore - Dr. Kaplan
    Arnold Schwarzenegger - Wade Vogel
    Abigail Breslin - Maggie Vogel
    [Tag:disease, hand, wonder]
  • Dad, I've gone to the city. Please don't come for me. There's a curfew here. Just... just keep them safe. I'm sorry. I love you.”
    Abigail Breslin - Maggie Vogel
    [Tag:leaving, love, sorrow]
  • “- Caroline: Wade, please, just call them. It's time now. She has to go in.
    - Wade Vogel: What if it was Molly or Bobby?
    - Caroline: After everything that we've been through, you still think it's about that? I've loved her like she was my own but she's not her anymore.”

    Joely Richardson - Caroline
    Arnold Schwarzenegger - Wade Vogel
    [Tag:disease, love]