“Mickey Blue Eyes” quotes

Movie Mickey Blue Eyes
Title Mickey Blue Eyes
Year 1999
Director Kelly Makin
Genre Comedy, Crime, Romance
Plot – When Michael, a British auctioneer who lives and works in New York, proposes his girlfriend Gina Vitale, the woman's reaction is far from encouraging. Gina refuses him and runs away in tears from the restaurant. The mystery is revealed the next day when Michael meets Gina's father: he's Frank, a member of the Graziosi's, the Mafia family of the city. He doesn't allow his daughter to marry a man who isn't part of it.
All actors – Hugh Grant, James Caan, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Burt Young, James Fox, Joe Viterelli, Gerry Becker, Maddie Corman, Tony Darrow, Paul Lazar, Vincent Pastore, Frank Pellegrino
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