“Mr. Smith goes to Washington” quotes

Movie Mr. Smith goes to Washington
Frank Capra directed this movie in 1939
Title Mr. Smith goes to Washington
Original title Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Year 1939
Director Frank Capra
Genre Drama
Plot – A group of financiers and politicians presents a dam's project to the Senate as the construction would produce some profits indeed. One of the senators dies and he's replaced by Jefferson Smith, a honest man far from the politicians' machinations. He ignores the intrigue and submits a bill for the construction of a national field for boy scouts. The businessmen try to get rid of him accusing him of dishonesty and propose his expulsion from the Senate. To defend himself, Smith talks for 26 hours in a row and finally wins the battle. One of his accusers is overwhelmed with remorse and proclaims his own unworthiness too.
All actors – Jean Arthur, James Stewart, Claude Rains, Edward Arnold, Guy Kibbee, Thomas Mitchell, Eugene Pallette, Beulah Bondi, H.B. Warner, Harry Carey, Astrid Allwyn, Ruth Donnelly, Grant Mitchell, Porter Hall, Pierre Watkin, Charles Lane, William Demarest, Dick Elliott, Billy Watson, Delmar Watson, John Russell, Harry Watson, Garry Watson, Larry Simms, H.V. Kaltenborn, Erville Alderson, Harry Anderson, Stanley Andrews, William Arnold, Sam Ash, Edwin August, Frank Austin, Harry A. Bailey, Tommy Baker, Kathryn Bates, Brooks Benedict, Wilson Benge, Wade Boteler, Harry C. Bradley, Lynton Brent, Ed Brewer, Al Bridge, Harlan Briggs, Tommy Bupp, Harry Burkhardt, Frederick Burton, Georgia Caine, Ken Carpenter, Jack Carson, Burr Caruth, Maurice Cass, Allan Cavan, Eddy Chandler, George Chandler, Davison Clark, Dora Clement, Shirley Coates, Edmund Cobb, Eddie Coke, Dorothy Comingore, Chester Conklin, Hal Cooke, George Cooper, Georgie Cooper, Jack Cooper, Nick Copeland, Anne Cornwall, Gino Corrado, Maurice Costello, Alec Craig, Beatrice Curtis, Lew Davis, Dulcie Day, Wally Dean, Vernon Dent, Harry Depp, Joe Devlin, Clyde Dilson, John Dilson, Neal Dodd, Ann Doran, Lester Dorr, Robert Dudley, Edward Earle, Helen Jerome Eddy, Jack Egan, Douglas Evans, Eddie Fetherston, Mabel Forrest, Byron Foulger, Gladys Gale, Jack Gardner, Frances Gifford, June Gittelson, Gus Glassmire, Mary Gordon, Jesse Graves, Lorna Gray, Roger Haliday, Wilfred Hari, Harry Hayden, Henry Hebert, Louis Jean Heydt, Fred Hoose, Philip Hurlic, Olaf Hytten, John Ince, Lloyd Ingraham, Mitchell Ingraham, Frank Jaquet, Dick Jensen, John Lester Johnson, Dickie Jones, Eddie Kane, Robert Emmett Keane, Donald Kerr, Milton Kibbee, Joe King, Richard Kipling, Evalyn Knapp, Wright Kramer, Paul Kruger, Bobby Larson, Billy Lechner, P.H. Levy, Vera Lewis, George Lloyd, Arthur Loft, Jane Loofbourrow, Jack Low, Jackie Lowe, Jimmie Lucas, Wilfred Lucas, Stanley Mack, Mary MacLaren, Hank Mann, Margaret Mann, Eric Mayne, Philo McCullough, Ralph McCullough, Matt McHugh, George McKay, Lafe McKee, Sammy McKim, James McNamara, Robert Middlemass, James Millican, Howard M. Mitchell, Charles R. Moore, Bert Moorhouse, Gene Morgan, Robert Morgan, William Newell, Ray Nichols, Field Norton, Alex Novinsky, Frank O'Connor, Frank Otto, Joe Palma, Blanche Payson, Frank Puglia, Tom Quinn, Ed Randolph, Charles Regan, Jack Rice, Jack Richardson, Henry Roquemore, Johnny Russell, Walter Sande, Russell Simpson, Walter Soderling, Harry Stafford, Wyndham Standing, Paul Stanton, Larry Steers, Count Stefenelli, Robert Sterling, Craig Stevens, Landers Stevens, Carl Stockdale, Harry Strang, Charles Sullivan, Ben Taggart, Emma Tansey, Dub Taylor, Ferris Taylor, Harry Tenbrook, Arthur Thalasso, Edward Thomas, Frank M. Thomas, Layne Tom Jr., Fred 'Snowflake' Toones, Victor Travers, Laura Treadwell, John Tyrrell, Frederick Vroom, Bess Wade, Max Waizmann, Robert Walker, Myonne Walsh, John Ward, Billy Wayne, Lloyd Whitlock, Dave Willock, Florence Wix, Eleanor Wood, William Worthington
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