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Movie Rebecca
Alfred Hitchcock directed this movie in 1940
Title Rebecca
Year 1940
Director Alfred Hitchcock
Genre Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – Massimo remembers his deceased wife Rebecca with anguish and pain. That chapter of his life is almost a nightmare for him. To escape his obsessions Massimo re-marries with a shy good girl of humble origins and together they go to live in his magnificent castle by the sea, but the house administrator influences the young bride: the governess is fanatical of Massimo's first wife and she makes the newcomer feel like an intruder. When the corpse of Rebecca is found by the sea, Massimo is accused of murder, but the past and the real behavior of Rebecca are reconsidered through a series of events.
All actors – Laurence Olivier, Joan Fontaine, George Sanders, Judith Anderson, Nigel Bruce, Reginald Denny, C. Aubrey Smith, Gladys Cooper, Florence Bates, Melville Cooper, Leo G. Carroll, Leonard Carey, Lumsden Hare, Edward Fielding, Philip Winter, Forrester Harvey, Billy Bevan, Egon Brecher, Gino Corrado, Alfred Hitchcock, Leyland Hodgson, Alphonse Martell, William H. O'Brien, Ronald R. Rondell
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