“Operation Warzone” quotes

Movie Operation Warzone
Title Operation Warzone
Year 1988
Director David A. Prior
Genre War, Action
Interpreted by
All actors – Joe Spinell, Fritz Matthews, William Zipp, John Cianetti, David Marriott, Sean Holton, Sonny King, Chet Hood, David Roger Harris, Charlie Wicker, Charles Gorgano, Victoria Nesbitt
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  • “- Cpl. Stringer: We're doing our best, sir.
    - Col. Harker: Your best isn't good enough, Corporal Stringer.”

    Chet Hood - Cpl. Stringer
    David Roger Harris - Col. Harker
  • “I don't want explanations. I want results!”

    Joe Spinell - Brig. Gen. George Delevane
  • “- Sgt. Holt: How'd you guys get in here?
    - Spc. Sgt. Hawkins: We're rats. Tunnel rats.
    - Cpl. Butler: Tunnel rats? Christ, now we're running a fucking zoo around here!”

    Fritz Matthews - Sgt. Holt
    John Cianetti - Spc. Sgt. Hawkins
    William Zipp - Cpl. Butler
  • “Remember, General... public officials that go down... go down very, very fast.”

    Charles Gorgano - Michaelson's Friend
    [Tag:army, career, failure]
  • “- Sgt. Holt: You're a dead man!
    - Lt. Smitty: Not quite yet, Sergeant Holt. Not quite yet.”

    Fritz Matthews - Sgt. Holt
    David Marriott - Lt. Smitty
  • “Tunnels are death traps!”

    William Zipp - Cpl. Butler
    [Tag:death, place, trap]
  • “- Spc. Sgt. Hawkins: In those 18 months, how many times have you and your men taken a hill, village, or piece of ground only to return it back to the enemy days later?
    - Sgt. Holt: So?
    - Spc. Sgt. Hawkins: Don't you get it? They're not gonna let us win. Because if we win, the war stops and if the war stops, the money stops.”

    John Cianetti - Spc. Sgt. Hawkins
    Fritz Matthews - Sgt. Holt
    [Tag:money, war]
  • “- Brig. Gen. George Delevane: I told you that a project of this magnatiude never really reaches its conclusion without some temporary setbacks none of which, I might add, are unsolvable.
    - Michaelson's Friend: General, our clients have nearly 100 million dollars at stake. They're not intrested in temporary setbacks. Only results.”

    Joe Spinell - Brig. Gen. George Delevane
    Charles Gorgano - Michaelson's Friend