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April 4, 1932
September 12, 1992
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Anthony Perkins quotes
  • “- Dr. Alex Durant: You will be remembered as one of the greatest space scientists of all time.
    - Dr. Hans Reinhardt: I've never doubted that.”

    Anthony Perkins - Dr. Alex Durant
    Maximilian Schell - Dr. Hans Reinhardt
  • “Boys, don't try to find a woman as wonderful as your mother to marry because if you do, you'll stay single your whole lives.”
    Anthony Perkins
  • “I have learned more about love, selflessness and human understanding from the people I have met in this great adventure in the world of AIDS than I ever did in the cutthroat, competitive world in which I spent my life.”
    Anthony Perkins
  • “- Dr. Hans Reinhardt: It's about time that people learned about their failures and my successes.
    - Dr. Alex Durant: You should come back with us and enjoy the glory of that success.
    - Dr. Hans Reinhardt: I don't want to go back and I don't enjoy successes any more.”

    Maximilian Schell - Dr. Hans Reinhardt
    Anthony Perkins - Dr. Alex Durant
  • “- Marion Crane: Taxidermy. That is a strange hobby to fill.
    - Norman Bates: A hobby should pass the time, not fill it.”

    Janet Leigh - Marion Crane
    Anthony Perkins - Norman Bates
  • “- Norman Bates: It's not like my mother is a maniac or a raving thing. She just goes a little mad sometimes. We all go a little mad sometimes. Haven't you?
    - Marion Crane: Yes. Sometimes just one time can be enough.”

    Anthony Perkins - Norman Bates
    Janet Leigh - Marion Crane
    [Tag:anger, mother]
  • “- Marion Crane: Do you go out with friends?
    - Norman Bates: A boy's best friend is his mother.”

    Janet Leigh - Marion Crane
    Anthony Perkins - Norman Bates
    [Tag:men, mother]
  • “A son is a poor substitute for a lover.”
    Anthony Perkins - Norman Bates
    [Tag:lover, son]
  • “- Mary: Jesus! How'd that get in there?
    - Norman Bates: After I killed that kid in the cellar, I used that towel to clean up the mess, and then I flushed it down there.
    - Mary: Norman, you coudn't have killed that kid. You were locked in the attic.”

    Meg Tilly - Mary Loomis
    Anthony Perkins - Norman Bates
    [Tag:blood, murder]
  • “Paris is terribly expensive and I don't see how anyone would do a picturehere for reasons of economy. It must be something else. Perhaps it's what the French call 'ambiance'.”
    Anthony Perkins
    [Tag:cinema, money, paris]
  • “Conservative clothes never go out of style.”
    Anthony Perkins - Norman Bates
    [Tag:clothes, style]
  • “- Maureen Coyle: You must think I've gone mad.
    - Norman Bates: Oh, no. We all go a little mad sometimes.”

    Diana Scarwid - Maureen
    Anthony Perkins - Norman Bates
  • “- Norman Bates: Mary works with me at the diner. She's been staying here, too.
    - Dr. Raymond: Really?
    - Norman Bates: Oh, it's not like that. We're just... we're just friends.”

    Anthony Perkins - Norman Bates
    Robert Loggia - Dr. Bill Raymond
    [Tag:friends, working]
  • - Norman Bates: I saw her. Even the initials on her suitcase, "M.C.". Marion Crane.
    - Norma Bates: Another of your cheap erotic delusions, out of your cheap erotic imagination. You killed her. The slut deserved it. But she's dead and the dead don't come back.
    - Norman Bates: You came back.
    - Norma Bates: I never went away, don't you know that by... (continue)
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    Anthony Perkins - Norman Bates
    Virginia Gregg - Norma Bates
  • I have a lot of affection for Norman Bates and a lot of sympathy. So does the audience, I think. He's not just a monster. He's tortured. The real secret of the "Psycho" movies is that they're tragedies first and horrormovies second.
    Anthony Perkins
  • “Norman Bates is the Hamlet of horror roles.”
    Anthony Perkins
  • “- Dr. Kate McCrae: I had a professor who predicted that eventually black holes would devour the entire universe.
    - Dr. Alex Durant: Why not? When you can see giant suns sucked in and disappear without a trace.”

    Yvette Mimieux - Dr. Kate McCrae
    Anthony Perkins - Dr. Alex Durant
  • “We're the same, don't you see? The same rage. The same fear. We hurt the same. We escape the same. But we don't have to anymore. We have a chance. Both of us. Together. No more disguises.”

    Anthony Perkins - Peter Shayne
  • “- Norma Bates: You can't get rid of me. I'll always be with you, Norman. Always. Stand up straight and wipe your snotty little nose. If the disgusting little whore is going to upset you so much, just get rid of her.
    - Norman Bates: No!
    - Norma Bates: Then maybe I will.”

    Virginia Gregg - Norma Bates
    Anthony Perkins - Norman Bates
    [Tag:killing, mother]
  • “- Dr. Hans Reinhardt: Tonight, my friends, we stand on the brink of a feat unparalleled in space exploration. If the data on my returningprobe matches my computerized calculations, I will travel where no man has dared to go.
    - Dr. Alex Durant: Into the black hole?
    - Dr. Hans Reinhardt: In - thorough - and beyond!”

    Maximilian Schell - Dr. Hans Reinhardt
    Anthony Perkins - Dr. Alex Durant
    [Tag:space, travel]
  • “- Mary: Who did it?
    - Norman Bates: My mother did, she told me so herself.
    - Mary: Oh, Norman... You're mad, don't you know that? You're as mad as a hatter.”

    Meg Tilly - Mary Loomis
    Anthony Perkins - Norman Bates
  • “- Peter Shayne: Save your soul, whore!
    - China Blue: Save your money, shithead!”

    Anthony Perkins - Peter Shayne
    Kathleen Turner - China Blue
    [Tag:money, soul]
  • “- Norman Bates: Mary, I'm becoming confused again, aren't I?
    - Mary: Of course not.
    - Norman Bates: Don't lie to me! Not you!
    - Mary: Yes, Norman... you are becoming confused again.”

    Anthony Perkins - Norman Bates
    Meg Tilly - Mary Loomis
  • “Oh God, to whom vengeance belongs. How long shall the wickedtriumph? How long shall they utter and speak hard things? How long shall they turn 50-buck tricks, and strut their evil bodies and smelly silk underwear? Tear off that dress and she's as helpless as I am. China Blue, alias Joanna Crane, alias Peter Shayne. They'll all... be saved.”
    Anthony Perkins - Peter Shayne
    [Tag:prayer, salvation]
  • - Duane Duke: Business slow?
    - Norman Bates: Well, you're my first customer of the day. Or did you just stop in for directions to the Interstate? Well, it's the next...
    - Duane Duke: No, actually, I was interested in that "Help Wanted" sign in the window.

    Jeff Fahey - Duane
    Anthony Perkins - Norman Bates
    [Tag:business, job]