“Scary Movie 3” quotes

Movie Scary Movie 3
David Zucker directed this movie in 2003
Title Scary Movie 3
Year 2003
Director David Zucker
Genre Comedy
Plot – The ambitious reporter Cindy Campbell is looking for a new scoop. During her searches, she runs into some illogical facts that will even threaten the whole planet, as an alien invasion, some dangerous videotapes, disturbing crop circles, prophecies, supernatural children, ambitious white rappers and even Michael Jackson.
All actors – Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, Marny Eng, Charlie Sheen, Simon Rex, Jianna Ballard, Jeremy Piven, Anna Faris, Timothy Stack, Elaine Klimaszewski, Diane Klimaszewski, Camryn Manheim, Drew Mikuska, Regina Hall, Darrell Hammond, Anthony Anderson, Dexter Bell, Kevin Hart, Dame Lee, Doron Bell, Simon Cowell, Fat Joe, Ajay Naidu, Denise Richards, William S. Taylor, Patricia Idlette, David Edwards, Frank C. Turner, Monica Dillon, Lori Stewart, Jim Bremner, Phil Dornfeld, Queen Latifah, Eddie Griffin, Edward Moss, Dee Jay Jackson, Leslie Nielsen, D.L. Hughley, Ja Rule, George Carlin, Troy Yorke, Marco Soriano, Cliff Solomon, Byron Chief-Moon, Dolly Madsen, John Hainsworth, Beverley Breuer, Jessie Young, Deanne Henry, Eric Breker, Master P, Macy Gray, Redman, Method Man, Raekwon, RZA, U-God, Naomi Lawson-Baird, Abigail Adams, , Debbie Lee Carrington
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