“School Daze” quotes

Movie School Daze
Spike Lee directed this movie in 1988
Title School Daze
Year 1988
Director Spike Lee
Genre Drama, Comedy, Musical
Plot – A college for black students in South America celebrates the annual gathering of the former students with parades and parties. Dap - the revolutionary student association's leader - wants the administration to give a cut to the investments of a South Africa's college. This is a movie about the hilarious story of two conflicting groups: on one hand there are black militant guys, on the other there are black students who dream to have white skin.
All actors – Laurence Fishburne, Giancarlo Esposito, Tisha Campbell-Martin, Kyme, Joe Seneca, Ellen Holly, Art Evans, Ossie Davis, Bill Nunn, James Bond III, Branford Marsalis, Kadeem Hardison
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