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Movie Scum
Title Scum
Year 1979
Director Alan Clarke
Genre Drama, Crime
Interpreted by
Plot – Three young men arrive at Borstal youth detention center: Carlin, who has taken the blame for his brother's theft of metal scrap; Angelo, who has stolen a car, and Davis. They are all allocated to their rooms: Angelo and Davis have private rooms, while Carlin has been assigned to the dormitory. Carlin wants to keep a low profile after having been transferred for assaulting a guard. He meets and befriends Archer, an eccentric and intellectual inmate who is practicing the use of non-violent methods to annoy the staff as much as possible. Carlin's reputation is famous and the “head” of the inmates wants to have a fight with him. Carlin has trouble settling in the dormitory and, after witnessing the aggression on the shy Davis, he himself is assaulted by Banks and his friends, but he manages to get his revenge. Eventually, he first becomes the new boss of the dormitory and then of the rest of the detention center. Carlin's new goal is to be moved from the dormitory as he is now the acknowledged leader of the center.
All actors – Ray Winstone, Mick Ford, Julian Firth, John Blundell, Phil Daniels, John Judd, Philip Jackson, Peter Howell, John Grillo, Ray Burdis, Alan Igbon, John Fowler
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