“The Outsiders” quotes

Movie The Outsiders
Title The Outsiders
Year 1983
Director Francis Ford Coppola
Genre Drama, Crime
Plot – In the world of the young people of the sixties in Tulsa, Dallas is the arrogant and violent leader of the gang “the greasers”, of which also the shy and clumsy Pony Boy is member. One day Johnny kills a guy of the opposite gang - the rich “the socials” - to save Pony Boy from drowning. Dallas helps the two guys to run away: they hide in an abandoned farmhouse to avoid the police. While they go back to town to turn themselves in, the two guys and Dallas see a church on fire and they rush into it to rescue some children in danger.
All actors – C. Thomas Howell, Matt Dillon, Ralph Macchio, Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez, Tom Cruise, Glenn Withrow, Diane Lane, Leif Garrett, Darren Dalton, Michelle Meyrink, Tom Waits, Gailard Sartain, William Smith, Tom Hillmann, Hugh Walkinshaw, Sofia Coppola, Teresa Wilkerson Hunt, Linda Nystedt, S.E. Hinton, Brent Beesley, John Meier, Ed Jackson, Daniel R. Suhart, Heather Langenkamp, Ronald Colby, Emeline Denito, James P. Rice, Tony Teebo
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  • Hate to tell you this, buddy, but you have to wear clothes to work. There's a law or something.”
    Tom Cruise - Steve Randle
    [Tag:clothes, law]
  • “You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want. There’s still a lot of good in the world.”
    Ralph Macchio - Johnny Cade
  • “- Johnny Cade: I killed him.
    - Ponyboy Curtis: I think I'm gonna be sick.
    - Johnny Cade: Go ahead, man. I won't look at you.”

    Ralph Macchio - Johnny Cade
    C. Thomas Howell - Ponyboy Curtis
  • “- Ponyboy Curtis: Soda, Soda, are you in love with Sandy?
    - Sodapop Curtis: Mhmm...
    - Ponyboy Curtis: What's it like?
    - Sodapop Curtis: Most of the time... it's real nice.”

    C. Thomas Howell - Ponyboy Curtis
    Rob Lowe - Sodapop Curtis
  • “Robert Frost wrote it. I always remembered it because I never quite knew what he meant.”

    C. Thomas Howell - Ponyboy Curtis
  • “Are you a real red head? Are you real? How can I find out if this is your real red hair? If this is the same red hair you have on your, uh, your... your... these eyebrows.”

    Matt Dillon - Dallas Winston
    [Tag:colors, hair]
  • “- Motorcycle Cop: Where's the fire?
    - Dallas: [lying] This kid fell off his motorcycle, I'm taking him to the hospital.
    - Motorcycle Cop: Is he hurt bad?
    - Dallas: How should I know? I ain't no doc.
    [Motorcycle Cop goes away]”

    Ed Jackson - Motorcycle Cop
    Matt Dillon - Dallas Winston
    [Tag:lies, police, speed]
  • “I used to talk about killing myself all the time, man. But I don't wanna die now. It ain't long enough. Sixteen years ain't gonna be long enough. Hell, I wouldn't care so much if there hadn't been so many things I haven't done yet. So many damn things I ain't seen or done.”
    Ralph Macchio - Johnny Cade
    [Tag:life, suicide]
  • “- Ponyboy Curtis: Is the guy coming?
    - Johnny Cade: No.
    - Ponyboy Curtis: Why? Too scared?
    - Johnny Cade: Naw, too fat, man.”

    C. Thomas Howell - Ponyboy Curtis
    Ralph Macchio - Johnny Cade
    [Tag:fear, obesity]
  • “Why don't you just focus on girls and cars? Works of me.”
    Rob Lowe - Sodapop Curtis
    [Tag:cars, interests, women]
  • “- Jerry: You're young. You shouldn't be smoking. It's a hard habit to break.
    - Ponyboy Curtis: Well, you're smoking.
    - Jerry: I'm smoking but, I'm older than you are.”

    Gailard Sartain - Jerry
    C. Thomas Howell - Ponyboy Curtis
    [Tag:old age, smoking]
  • “You ever pull a stunt like that again, I'll kill you.”

    Matt Dillon - Dallas Winston
    [Tag:fire, rescue]
  • “- Ponyboy Curtis: I'm freezing, man.
    - Dallas Winston: Why didn't you bring a coat, stupid?
    - Ponyboy Curtis: I forgot.”

    C. Thomas Howell - Ponyboy Curtis
    Matt Dillon - Dallas Winston
    [Tag:cold, stupidity]
  • “Johnny, you don't know what a few months in jail can do to you, man. You get mean in jail, I just don't wanna see that happen to you like it happened to me, man.”
    Matt Dillon - Dallas Winston
  • “- Two-Bit Matthews: Shoot, this house ain't dirty. You ought to see my house.
    - Ponyboy Curtis: I have and if you had the sense of a billy goat, you'd clean your house up 'stead of bummin' 'round ours.
    - Two-Bit Matthews: Shoot, kid, if I did that, my mom would die of shock.”

    Emilio Estevez - Two-Bit Matthews
    C. Thomas Howell - Ponyboy Curtis
    [Tag:dirt, house]
  • “Why do you bother helping people, huh? It doesn't do any good.”

    Matt Dillon - Dallas Winston
  • “- Bob Sheldon: Just because we got a little drunk!
    - Cherry Valance: A little? You call reeling and passing out in the streets a little? Bob, I told you, I'm never going out with you when you're drinking again and I mean it!”

    Leif Garrett - Bob Sheldon
    Diane Lane - Cherry Valance