“...And Justice for All” quotes

Movie ...And Justice for All
Norman Jewison directed this movie in 1979
Title ...And Justice for All
Original title ...And justice for all.
Year 1979
Director Norman Jewison
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller
Plot – In Baltimore, the young lawyer Arthur Kirkland has to face the unfair judicial system that facilitates corrupted judges and destroys the lives of innocent people. The judge Rayford, a weird old man, helps Arthur by offering him incredible amusements that the strict guy doesn’t appreciate. Kirkland is also helped by his old father Sam, whose senility worsens more and more. The lawyer’s true rival is Henry Fleming, a sadistic judge who sentenced an innocent Arthur’s client.
All actors – Al Pacino, Jack Warden, John Forsythe, Lee Strasberg, Jeffrey Tambor, Christine Lahti, Sam Levene, Robert Christian, Thomas G. Waites, Larry Bryggman, Craig T. Nelson, Dominic Chianese
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