“Escape from Alcatraz” quotes

Movie Escape from Alcatraz
Don Siegel directed this movie in 1979
Title Escape from Alcatraz
Year 1979
Director Don Siegel
Genre Drama, History, Crime, Thriller
Plot – Frank Morris is a criminal who has tried many times to escape from the US prisons, so he's transferred to Alcatraz, which is impossible to escape from. Morris makes some friendships there: Doc, the shy painter that cuts his fingers when he's forbidden to paint; Litmus, an Italian guy who calls himself "Al Capone"; the black English who protects the newcomer; Clarley, the undecided one who won't escape with them. Frank faces Alcatraz's hardness and its director's inhumanity. When Clearence brothers and John Anglin arrive to the penitentiary, Morris carefully plans a new escape. When they're discovered, the director says the fugitives must be drowned in the bay to cover himself. When he's recalled to Washington, Alcatraz is dismantled and the jail becomes a tourist attraction.
All actors – Clint Eastwood, Patrick McGoohan, Roberts Blossom, Jack Thibeau, Fred Ward, Paul Benjamin, Larry Hankin, Bruce M. Fischer, Frank Ronzio, Fred Stuthman, David Cryer, Madison Arnold, Blair Burrows, Bob Balhatchet, Matthew Locricchio, Don Michaelian, Ray K. Goman, Jason Ronard, Ed Vasgersian, Ron Vernan, Regina Baff, Hank Brandt, Candace Bowen, Joe Miksak, Stephen Bradley, Garry Goodrow, Ross Reynolds, Al Dunlap, Denis Berkfeldt, Jim Haynie, Tony Dario, Fritz Manes, Dana Derfus, Don Cummins, Gordon Handforth, John Scanlon, Don Watters, Dan Leegant, Joe Knowland, James Collier, R.J. Ganzert, Robert Hirschfeld, Lloyd Nelson, George Orrison, Gary Warren, Joseph Whipp, Terry Wills, John Garabedian, Dale Alvarez, Sheldon Feldner, Danny Glover, Carl Lumbly, Patrick Valentino, Gilbert Thomas Jr., Eugene Jackson
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