“Quadrophenia” quotes

Movie Quadrophenia
Title Quadrophenia
Year 1979
Director Franc Roddam
Genre Drama, Crime, Music
Plot – Jimmy Woo is about twenty and lives in London with his modest family. He works as deliveryman for an advertising agency but he's a misfit who doesn't like his job. His parents treat him as if he has lost his marbles. He's happy only when he swallows stimulants, dances rock music or participates to raids. At the same time, Jimmy courts the shop assistant of a supermarket, Steph. He finds himself involved in a serious gang battle and he's arrested. What's more, his parents kick him out of the house and Steph rejects him, while the agency fires him and his friends disappear. On the saddle of his motor scooter, Jimmy throws himself into the sea from the cliffs of Dover.
All actors – Phil Daniels, Leslie Ash, Philip Davis, Mark Wingett, Sting, Ray Winstone, Garry Cooper, Gary Shail, Toyah Willcox, Trevor Laird, Kate Williams, Michael Elphick, Kim Neve, Benjamin Whitrow, Daniel Peacock, Jeremy Child, John Phillips, Timothy Spall, Olivier Pierre, George Innes, John Bindon, P.H. Moriarty, Hugh Lloyd, Cross Section, John Altman, Jesse Birdsall, Loren Day, Harry Fielder, Julian Firth, Simon Gipps-Kent, Carol Harrison, Gary Holton, Tom Ingram, Derek Lyons, Peter McNamara, Glen Murphy, The Who
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