“The Amityville Horror” quotes

Movie The Amityville Horror
Title The Amityville Horror
Year 1979
Director Stuart Rosenberg
Genre Horror
Interpreted by
Plot – No one has ever wanted to live in a house where a family has been murdered. One day, the Lutz family move in right there, even if a priest warns them about the possibility the house is possessed by evil forces. The first one to show signs of imbalance is indeed their child, but the Lutzs will save themselves as soon as they leave the house.
All actors – James Brolin, Margot Kidder, Rod Steiger, Don Stroud, Murray Hamilton, John Larch, Natasha Ryan, K.C. Martel, Meeno Peluce, Michael Sacks, Helen Shaver, Amy Wright
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  • “I checked into the murders. And I checked into the twenty year old boy who killed his parents, and his four brothers and sisters. And when he was at trial, he testified that he heard voices in the house. He heard voices in the house and the voices told him to do it! Now, I was in the house and I heard the voices, too! And I also felt their...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Rod Steiger - Father Delaney
    [Tag:ghosts, murder, voice]
  • “- Policeman: Hi, Greg. What keeps you up?
    - Greg: Insomnia.”

    Michael Stearns - Policeman
    K.C. Martel - Greg
  • “- Kathy Lutz: I just wish that... all those people hadn't died here. I mean... A guy kills his whole family. Doesn't that bother you?
    - George Lutz: Sure, but... houses don't have memories.”

    Margot Kidder - Kathy Lutz
    James Brolin - George Lutz
    [Tag:death, house, memory]
  • “- Kathy Lutz: Who are you singin' to, princess?
    - Amy: You scared Jody.
    - Kathy Lutz: Jody? There's no one here, see?
    - Amy: You scared her. She went out the window.
    - Kathy Lutz: She went out the window? Well, I'd better check and make sure she's not still there, huh?”

    Margot Kidder - Kathy Lutz
    Natasha Ryan - Amy
    [Tag:friends, house]
  • “- Caterer: Look, the deal was cash. You know? Cash.
    - George Lutz: The cash was lost. You gotta take a check.
    - Caterer: I don't like checks. Let me tell you something about checks. Checks get cancelled. Checks bounce. Checks is not cash. Cash is cash.
    - George Lutz: You listen to me, pal. I don't like lectures and I don't like being hassled in...” (continue)
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    James Brolin - George Lutz
    [Tag:food, payment]