“The Hollywood Knights” quotes

Movie The Hollywood Knights
Title The Hollywood Knights
Year 1980
Director Floyd Mutrux
Genre Comedy
Plot – In 1965 in a small American town, a drive-in is the common hangout of an unrestrained group of high-school students, who protests because it is about to close down. The group goes into action at Halloween and the storyline follows the events. The movie recalls ‘American Graffiti’, but it is gloomier and carefree.
All actors – Julius Averitt, Steve Ballard, Phil Berle, Mike Binder, Herbert Bress, Jerry Brutsche, Joey Camen, T.K. Carter, Al Chalk, Dawn Clark, Chuck Cooper, Tony Danza
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  • “You squirrels better have some nuts in your mouth, or you're going downtown!”
    Gailard Sartain - Bimbeau
    [Tag:money, prison, trouble]
  • - Dudley Laywicker: Mother, I have a assignation with a young lady. I am going to explore the boundaries of my manhood. Mother, I am going to get laid.
    - Dudley's Mother: You're going to be late, dear?
    - Dudley Laywicker: Not “late”, mother, “laid”. The past participle of the verb “to lay”. Mother, I am going to screw someone.

    Stuart Pankin - Dudley Laywicker
    Mina Kolb - Dudley's Mother
  • “Don't hurt me! I think I may be a bleeder!”
    Stuart Pankin - Dudley Laywicker
  • “- Bimbeau: Your ass is grass and I am the lawnmower.
    - Newbomb Turk: Ok! See you later Mr. Lawnmower.”

    Gailard Sartain - Bimbeau
    Robert Wuhl - Newbomb Turk
    [Tag:grass, threat]
  • “- Officer Clark: How would I look with a mustache?
    - Bimbeau: You'd look great. Actually, you'd look better than great, you'd look perfect. A perfect horse's ass.”

    Sandy Helberg - Officer Clark
    Gailard Sartain - Bimbeau
    [Tag:appearance, face]