“Big Bully” quotes

Movie Big Bully
Title Big Bully
Year 1996
Director Steve Miner
Genre Comedy, Thriller
Plot – David Leary is a successful novelist. At some lectures in his old school, he meets his childhood enemy Rosco Bigger, who used to mock him but who now is a quiet teacher. Meeting his old favorite target, Rosco's old passion rises again, so he plans some jokes against David. The two begin to behave like immature kids without shame.
All actors – Rick Moranis, Tom Arnold, Julianne Phillips, Carol Kane, Jeffrey Tambor, Curtis Armstrong, Faith Prince, Tony Pierce, Don Knotts, Blake Bashoff, Cody McMains, Harry Waters Jr.
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  • “- Kirby: Dad are we really going to New York City?
    - Rosco Bigger - Fang: That's why they call them mobile homes, son, 'cause they're mobile.”

    Cody McMains - Kirby
    Tom Arnold - Rosco Bigger - Fang
    [Tag:home, moving, new york]
  • “- Rosco Bigger - Fang: Drink your juice yet?
    - David Leary: No, why?
    - Rosco Bigger - Fang: 'Peed in it.”

    Tom Arnold - Rosco Bigger - Fang
    Rick Moranis - David Leary
    [Tag:drinking, mocking]
  • “- Rosco Bigger - Fang: I went to the hospital but there was a line so I drove over to the hardware store, got some needle and thread, and sewed it back on.
    - David Leary: You sewed on your own thumb?
    - Rosco Bigger - Fang: I'm good at stuff like that.”

    Tom Arnold - Rosco Bigger - Fang
    Rick Moranis - David Leary
    [Tag:ability, wound]
  • “- David Leary: What is this?
    - Clark: Hot Dish.
    - David Leary: What's Hot Dish?
    - Clark: Well, last week we had lasagna, then it become spaghetti and when it's finally unrecognizable, they call it Hot Dish.”

    Rick Moranis - David Leary
    Curtis Armstrong - Clark
    [Tag:appearance, food]
  • “- Rosco Bigger - Fang: You were my friend and you betrayed me!
    - David Leary: You thought we were friends? You beat me up, you humiliated me, I'm 35-years-old and I still have nightmares about the fourth grade! That's not what friends do for each other, a friend is supposed to make you feel good about yourself!
    - Rosco Bigger - Fang: Really?...” (continue)
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    Tom Arnold - Rosco Bigger - Fang
    Rick Moranis - David Leary
  • “- Young Fang: Mrs. Fitsimonds let you pick the words, and you picked USSR and everybody laughed when I got it wrong.
    - Young David: I make the same mistake myself. Is it one S or two?”

    Michael Zwiener - Young Fang
    Justin Jon Ross - Young David
    [Tag:mistake, words]
  • “What are you going to do? Style my hair?”

    Tom Arnold - Rosco Bigger - Fang
    [Tag:doing, hair]
  • “- Alan: My dad knows a guy who knows a guy who works for NASA and he says if stare directly at the moon rock, you'll go blind.
    - Gerry: Bullshit.”

    Harry Waters Jr. - Alan
    Stuart Pankin - Gerry