• - Chuckie Miller: You nuked my brother.
    - Cindy Mancini: What?
    - Chuckie Miller: You took him from "geek" status to "king" status to no status.
    - Cindy Mancini: Chuckie Miller, right? He resorted to sending his messenger boy?
    - Chuckie Miller: Boy? I see no boy here.
    - [Cindy puts powder on his face]
    - Chuckie Miller: You think you shut me up?
    - Cindy Mancini: I didn't? Well, let me try again.
    - [attempts to put lipstick on Chuckie, who leaves]
    - Chuckie Miller: [to his friends] Babe said it was good for my complexion.

    Seth Green - Chuckie Miller
    Amanda Peterson - Cindy Mancini
Quote details Movie (Can't Buy Me Love)

5/2/05 at 12:26 AM
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