• “- First J.M. Inc. Customer: Now when you say that I can be somebody else, whaddya mean exactly?
    - Craig Schwartz: Well, we mean exactly that. We can put you inside someone else's body, for fifteen minutes.
    - First J.M. Inc. Customer: Can I be anybody that I wanna be?
    - Craig Schwartz: Well, you... actually...
    - Maxine Lund: You can be John Malkovich.
    - First J.M. Inc. Customer: Perfect! It's... my... second choice, but it's wonderful. I'm a fat man. I'm sad and I...
    - Maxine Lund: Two hundred dollars.”

    W. Earl Brown - First J.M. Inc. Customer
    John Cusack - Craig Schwartz
    Catherine Keener - Maxine Lund
Quote details Movie (Being John Malkovich)

9/3/17 at 6:54 PM
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