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3/26/19 at 8:09 AM
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  • “- Hunter: Thank you, COB.
    - Cob: Thank you? Fuck you! Get it straight Mr Hunter, I'm not on your side. Now you could be wrong! But wrong or right, the Captain can't just replace you at will. That was completely improper! And that's why I did what I did. By the book.
    - Hunter: I thank you anyway.”

    Denzel Washington - Hunter
    George Dzundza - Cob
    [Tag:army, insult, law]
  • “- Simms: Why are we following this dumb bastard?
    - Stuckey: Because he's got stripes.”

    Franklyn Seales - Simms
    Lewis Smith - Stuckey
  • “- Highway: What's your name, Marine?
    - Lance Corporal Fragatti: Lance Corporal Fragatti, Gunny.
    - Highway: [takes off Fragatti's sunglasses and steps on them] Well, you shouldn't litter Fag-eddi. It's ecologically unsound.”

    Clint Eastwood - Highway
    Vincent Irizarry - Fragetti
    [Tag:army, insult, name]
  • “- Sergeant Webster: Major Powers and I are building an e-lite company of fighting men.
    - Highway: The only thing you could build, Webster... is a good case of hemorrhoids.”

    Moses Gunn - Sgt. Webster
    Clint Eastwood - Highway
    [Tag:army, insult, soldiers]
  • - Gen. Lord Charles Cornwallis: Their names and ranks?
    - Benjamin Martin: They refuse to give me their names, but the ranks are nine lieutenants, five captains, three majors, and one very fat colonel who called me a... "cheeky fellow".

    Tom Wilkinson - Gen. Lord Charles Cornwallis
    Mel Gibson - Benjamin Martin
    [Tag:army, name]