“Southern Comfort” quotes

Movie Southern Comfort
Title Southern Comfort
Year 1981
Director Walter Hill
Genre Drama, Thriller, Adventure
Plot – Nine soldiers of Louisiana National Guard depart for a training in an intricate natural landscape. Louisiana's dense and wild forest is the less daunting obstacle: the dangers in fact begin when the group arrives near a swamp in the Cajuns' territory, who are descendants of Canadians refugees of the 1700. To cross the swamp, the group uses some natural reeds found on the river: they know the plants belong to the locals but they borrow them. Nevertheless the owners are watching them by the shore and one of the soldiers shoots to frighten them. Immediately the sergeant is hit in turn and dies instantly, so a cruel war among the soldiers and the Cajuns starts out. The natives are well-armed and know how to move in the area, while the soldiers soon realize they have no orientation, no compass or radio and soon no more bullets to defend themselves. Tension and nervousness arise among the soldiers, until the fear generates personal grievances, detonates struggles and hate. Six of them die and the only two survivors finally reach the road at the edge of the swamp and ask help to a passing truck, but the driver takes them back to the Cajuns'. The relief of the two soldiers is short-lived: they fight valiantly against the most brutal villagers. Seeing the arrival of a US military vehicle they rush upon it, but even this reveals to be a tragic possibility.
All actors – Keith Carradine, Powers Boothe, Fred Ward, Franklyn Seales, T.K. Carter, Lewis Smith, Les Lannom, Peter Coyote, Alan Autry, Brion James, Sonny Landham, Allan Graf, Ned Dowd, Rob Ryder, Greg Guirard, June Borel, Jeanne-Louise Bulliard, Orel Borel, Jeannie Spector, Marc Savoy, Frank Savoy, Dewey Balfa, John Stelly
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  • “- Reece: Like steel pussies.
    - Cribbs: What kind of women you been hanging around with?”

    Fred Ward - Reece
    T.K. Carter - Cribbs
    [Tag:genitalia, trap, women]
  • “It's all set. Noleen and her bayou queens. Just a little something for morale. And let me add, Sergeant, that these women are expecting some, uh, small unit military penetration.”

    Keith Carradine - Spencer
  • “- Trapper: I ain't gonna kill you all if I don't have to... you got a bayou over there... take it... stay to the west side... you're going to find a road about a mile up there.
    - Hardin: Do you mind tellin' us what the Hell this is all about?
    - Trapper: It real simple... we live back in here... this is our home, and nobody fuck with us.”

    Brion James - Trapper
    Powers Boothe - Hardin
    [Tag:home, threat]
  • “- Simms: Why are we following this dumb bastard?
    - Stuckey: Because he's got stripes.”

    Franklyn Seales - Simms
    Lewis Smith - Stuckey
  • “- Spencer: Smokes made it through the water, huh?
    - Hardin: Yeah, saved a pack. Lucky, huh?”

    Keith Carradine - Spencer
    Powers Boothe - Hardin
    [Tag:luck, smoking]
  • “We were supposed to meet the trucks 20 minutesago. Another hour and a half the trucks will actually show up. Two o'clock they'll startasking around if anyone's seen us. At three they'll start checking the bars. At four they'll really get steamed. At five it will occur to someone that maybe we got lost. At six the captain will consider calling...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Keith Carradine - Spencer
  • “The purpose of the Louisiana National Guard is to keep you darker boys away from decent Southern women, but in the spirit of the New South, I have made full arrangements.”

    Keith Carradine - Spencer
  • “Comes a time when you have to abandon principles and do what's right.”

    Alan Autry - Bowden
  • “- Spencer: How long you been married?
    - Hardin: Five years.
    - Spencer: Happily?
    - Hardin: Yeah. I like her, she's got a good sense of humor. Why do you ask?
    - Spencer: Well, I just figured if I get out of here alive and you don't, I might look her up.
    - Hardin: Hey, I said she has a good sense of humor. I don't.”

    Keith Carradine - Spencer
    Powers Boothe - Hardin
  • “- Poole: Hardin, how do you like being in the Louisiana Guard?
    - Hardin: I don't. But then I didn't much like being in the Texas Guard, either.
    - Poole: Well, not liking the Texas Guard makes sense. Not liking the Louisiana Guard can get you in trouble with me. You got that?”

    Peter Coyote - Poole
    Powers Boothe - Hardin
  • “- Casper: Jesus Christ, Simms! We've got to interrogate the man. Now how the hell is he gonna talk to us if you're gonna break his fuckin' jaw?
    - Simms: That's his fuckin' problem!”

    Les Lannom - Casper
    Franklyn Seales - Simms
    [Tag:talking, torture]