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3/29/18 at 6:41 PM
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  • “- Patience: We love you, Lena. All of us. We will always love you.
    - Dr. Lena Fiore Kendricks: I love you too.”

    Akosua Busia - Patience
    Monica Bellucci - Dr. Lena Fiore Kendricks
    [Tag:gratitude, love]
  • “Any man can give love where he's sure of its return. That isn't love at all. But, to give love with no merit, no thought of return, no thought of gratitude even, that's ordinarily the privilege of God.”

    Barbara Stanwyck - Megan
    [Tag:gratitude, love, merit]
  • “If this is what it's like to be in love, I'm glad I'm only going to love but once.”

    Jean Arthur - Phoebe Titus
  • “I saw a little horse one time, two-years-old. Full of spirit. Because he lost a race, his trainer beat him over the head. All the spirit was gone. I bought him, turned him out. Then he found out he wouldn't get a beating from me and he came back and he won. I thought you were a little like that horse. I guess wrong.”
    Lynne Overman - Skipper Joe
  • “You are the great lover! The dark figure of her dreams! Come on darling, tell him. Tell him how grateful you are. Tell him how you always wanted to be his. Go on tell him. Tell him how you wait for him. Tell him how he's the most sensitive, the best you ever had. Tell him that you love him, that's what he wants to hear.”

    Tony Goldwyn - Dr. William "Will" Rudolph