“A Walk on the Moon” quotes

Movie A Walk on the Moon
Title A Walk on the Moon
Year 1999
Director Tony Goldwyn
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – America is facing the 1969 Apollo mission and the war in Vietnam. Pearl Kantrowitz is a young housewife and goes on holiday with her daughter Alison and her son Daniel, while her husband Marty stays only in the weekends because he's busy at work. Pearl meets Jerome Walker, a young hippie, and begins a relationship with him, but forbids her daughter to date a friend, so Alison escapes and goes to Woodstock to assist to a big rock concert. Her mother goes there too with Jerome and when Marty discovers his wife's relationship, he wants to abandon her and leave with the guys. Pearl ends the relationship with Jerome. When she comes back home, she puts on some light music. Marty comes back too and puts on rock music instead, then they begin to dance together.
All actors – Bobby Boriello, Diane Lane, Anna Paquin, Tovah Feldshuh, Liev Schreiber, Julie Kavner, Stewart Bick, Jess Platt, Mahée Paiement, Star Jasper, Ellen David, Lisa Bronwyn Moore
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