“Bad Timing” quotes

Movie Bad Timing
Title Bad Timing
Year 1980
Director Nicolas Roeg
Genre Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – Alex Liden, American professor of psychology at the University of Vienna, meets Milena Flaherty at a party, falls in love with her and becomes her lover. The relationship is difficult from the beginning because the two have different backgrounds, different ways of living and different ambitions. During a trip to Morocco, Alex tries to convince Milena to marry him and move to the United States but she refuses. Time goes by and Milena seems to have disappeared. Then, one evening, she turns up to ask Alex for help after poisoning herself.
All actors – Art Garfunkel, Theresa Russell, Harvey Keitel, Denholm Elliott, Daniel Massey, Dana Gillespie, William Hootkins, Eugene Lipinski, George Roubicek, Stefan Gryff, Sevilla Delofski, Robert Walker
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